Rafa Roundup: Nadal says that his Wimbledon win over Federer was his most emotional victory

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“I know that moments like what I’m experiencing now have to come, have come before and also won’t be the last, but I’m also convinced that they can be overcome by working hard every day,” the 28-year-old said in a Eurosport publicity event Wednesday in the Spanish capital. … Asked about his greatest moments in the sport, Nadal said the Wimbledon final in 2008, when he edged Swiss great Roger Federer in what many consider the greatest match of all time, was his most emotional victory.

But I was speaking recently with a former champion who made an interesting observation about Toni. This former player is a fan of the Nadal camp and was not saying this critically. But, essentially, he noted that Toni is more of a diagnostician than a clinician. He is great at spotting the issues. He is less good at solving the issues. When Nadal figures out how to take Toni’s observations and use them to his advantage, all is good. When Nadal knows the problems but struggles to self-correct, life becomes more difficult.

A passionate trip through the career of the best Spanish player of all time. De Rafael a Nadal, el camino hacia la leyenda (From Rafa to Nadal, the road to legend), from the publisher Córner, will be on sale at the Mutua Madrid Open before it is available anywhere else. The book, which includes countless stories, anecdotes and trivia on the tournament’s defending champion, will be available from Friday 1 May 2015, the day on which the women’s qualifiers start.

El estudio refleja que los españoles valoran la compañía como uno de los factores más importantes a la hora de irse de cañas, ya que la cerveza es una bebida social que se consume mayoritariamente con algo de comer y de forma moderada junto a familiares y amigos y, por qué no, con personajes populares. Por otro lado, Rafa Nadal se proclama por cuarto año consecutivo como el número 1 entre los deportistas con los que se compartiría una caña, seguido por el piloto asturiano Fernando Alonso y el portero y capitán del Real Madrid, Iker Casillas.


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