PHOTOS: Rafael Nadal To Meet Novak Djokovic In Monte-Carlo SFs

Eight-time champion Rafael Nadal advanced to the semi-finals of the Monte Carlo Rolex Masters after defeating fellow Spaniard David Ferrer 6-4, 5-7, 6-2 on Friday. He will next face Novak Djokovic, who demolished Marin Cilic 6-0, 6-3 in little over an hour.


  1. rafa has worked so hard for this opportunity to prove once again that he is still the king of clay…he has been amazingly transparent about his struggles…and that kind of honesty to admit one’s weaknesses gives strength, confidence, and peace of mind in the heat of the battle…

    there is nothing rafa will face tomorrow against novak that he has not already had to deal with…his heart is full…his mind is clear…his conscience is free…i believe the work he has done over this tough season of his career will empower him to prevail against such a formidable opponent…

    may he bring his best tennis to this match…may he see into the pain and struggle of tomorrow’s battle and through to the other side…

    may he be filled with resourceful courage to calm him and steady him in the critical moments when fear or fatigue threaten to steal his focus and belief…

    simply put…may he earn the right to victory…

    he SO deserves it…


  2. Here is the big one. This guy you can beat. He has more mental issues with you and how to beat the clay king. I know you can do it
    You must keep beliveING in yourself. God be with you.

  3. Vamos Rafa ,a brilliant match a brilliant win, I feel this match is the bench mark of your year ahead, best wishes for tomorrow ,,,,,,,kick ass .

  4. What a match!! Rafa is so a big fighter! Great first set and an unbelievable 3rd set! I am proud of our champ!! Take rest Rafa and be ready for tomorrow! Vamos Rafa!!!

  5. ci…ci….VAMOS NADAL!!!!! : ) : ) What a triumph…….thank you for such a beautiful match!!! Your bouncing back is powerful … you did it !!! God bless you!!!! : )

    If I may, the empire mis call for a 20 cm OVER the net call must be examined….& so all the miscalls from yesterday’s match. As we had seen in the play back yesterday, of Nadal’s good IN shot being ridiculously miscalled for an out shot ……. It is rather disappointing to witness how unchecked empires have an on going free hand at misusing their authority over a match…. The players work hard & deserve ATP to be fully behind them. ATP must reinforce Players right to have a decent, qualified empire on the court . Very basic! Spectators & millions of tennis fans all over the world DO NOT appreciate such frequent poor empire’s miscalls……especially on important points.

    The good news….the happiness & delight in your win is beyond all that…..VAMOS RAFA….. you did it , and did it w great fortitude!!! Enjoy your evening & have a great time!!!! : ) : ) Best wishes & get extra sleep…..VAMOS!!!!!

  6. Congrats to Rafa for reaching the semi-finals! Watching Rafa play David is always a
    delight and compelling tennis. Best match of the day! Such wonderful shot-making
    from the both of them!

    No disrespect to Novak who is currently at his peak, injury-free but he always seems
    to lock out with the easiest draws. Playing much lower ranked players although Clicic is #10
    he just came back from a serious shoulder injury. I also wish him a nice recovery!

    Rafa should feel so proud of himself and happy that he defeated 2 higher ranked players
    in John and David. Also wonderful guys, competitors and sportsmen!

    I look forward to Rafa’s next match. It will be great preparation for Rafa to face
    Novak prior to a possible meeting at the French!

    Vamos, Rafa! Everything is starting to come together! Continued success and good
    luck with your new racket!!!

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