Rafael Nadal captures Buenos Aires title [PHOTOS]

Top seed Rafael Nadal has won his first title of 2015 at the Argentina Open in Buenos Aires after a 6-4, 6-1 win over No.60 Juan Monaco.

Rafa: “It was a complicated day for everybody. Both for me and (Monaco) but especially for the fans who had to wait. We have to thank them for staying here until the end.” (via AP)

The match lasted an hour and 26 minutes as Rafa won his 65th career title.


  1. Rafa, or Rafa fans who know how to email him please send him this important msg:
    ONLY play “17” tourneys a year…for your current and future health and to manage the longevity of your career so we all can enjoy for years to come:
    (1) tune-up Australian (2) Australian (3) ‘2’ South Amer clay tourneys (5) Indian Wells (6) Sony
    (7) Monte Carlo (8) 1 Spanish clay (9) Rome (10) French Open (11) Wimbledon Tune-up
    (12) Wimbledon (13) Rogers Cup (14) Cincinati (15) US Open (16) 2 indoor events in the fall
    = total of 17 tourney’s
    = probably 8 – 12 tourney wins a year if you can follow this schedule!
    = 1 – 3 majors a year if you follow this schedule
    = instead of 2-3 more years of playing hard courts too much and leaving the sport at, say 30
    = following the ’17’ match limit will allow you to play to a normal 33 – 35-36 yrs. of age play
    = and reach at least “20” or more major titles, but who cares about Majors, we want you hlthy,

    This will of course affect your ranking blah blah…who cares, we are behind you and regardless of seeding, you WILL still win 1 – 3 majors a year and 8 – 12 tourneys!!!!!
    (and plenty of $, or at least as much as if you decided to play too many hard ct. matches…)

    Rafa, Enjoy life, enjoy tennis and allow us to continue to enjoy your passion…and maybe you’ll even have time to get married, if you want, and still play and enjoy tennis at a high level and only playing 17 tourney’s a year!

    Take care my friend,

  2. love seeing rafa biting the trophy. given time to have full strength, he’ll be a contention.

  3. RAFA’S BACK,watch out everyone,barring injuries he is on his way to No 1.he’s the most entertaining player ever.

  4. Dear Rafa, Congrats. I expected ur win in Rio. But wish many more laurels to come in the this yr. Vasudevan from Chennai india

  5. Dear Rafa, Congrats on ur success.I expected ur win in Rio were u llost to Fogini.Any way b

  6. Happy Rafa won ! Rafa still needs extra coach a new person to help him with new strategies his game is too predictable and he needs to change things up on court like Roger did at the Dubai Finals and beat Joker. Bring on a new Coach Rafa you will win many more titles if you do keep Uncle Tony but take some advise and hire anew coach now !

  7. Our Rafa has back and I hope this is only the beginning for many titles to come in 2015, We all support you my champ, VAMOS RAFA !!

  8. He’s BACK!!! That beautiful smile of Rafa’s can illuminate an entire stadium! Congrats also
    to Juan for advancing to the final before his home-town crowd. It was also a pleasure
    to see former legend in the audience, Guillermo Vilas! Rafa again hit “play dirt”!!!

    Cheers and Vamos! Now go celebrate! So well-deserved!

  9. Gracias RAFAEL NADAL!!!!!!! eres un ejemplo como jugador, competidor, honesto, todo un Señor, te mereces el triunfo por tus esfuerzos, no te regalan nada, VAMOS RAFA. Desde luego por ti merece la pena ver tenis!!!!!!!!! A por el siguiente!!!!!!!

  10. I am so happy for you Rafa! This win means a lot and it will add to your self-confidence!
    Congratulations to you and your team! 🙂

  11. Vamos Rafa!! The second set was great!! Take confidence out of this win!! You are on the right way!! Take rest and prepare for Indian Wells!

    We are all behind you and will always support you!! Vamos Rafa!!!

  12. Vamos, RAFA, and congrats!!! Yea!!!
    He really is playing so confidently; you can tell as with his down the line inside out forehand. He didn’t do that at all last week and nailed it 9/10 times this week. So happy for you, Raf!!

  13. I’m glad Rafa is back on the winning track. He is the best and the reason I watch Tennis.

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