Rafael Nadal has a hit with low-income kids in Buenos Aires [PHOTOS/VIDEO]

(EFE) Rafael Nadal spent some time Thursday morning at a tennis court near a shantytown in the Argentine capital, hitting the ball around with area children in an event also attended by Buenos Aires’ mayor and local sports officials.

The event took place at the San Lorenzo sporting club, located in the Villa Soldati district of Buenos Aires’ southwest side, where the 14-time Grand Slam champion said it was a pleasure to take time out for the visit with the young people because “they are the future and have something special.”

Video: eluniversocom


  1. Rafa loves children and so good with them. I love Rafa’s childlike gestures at times especially when he is with children. I am not sure whether I am bias because I am a die hard Rafan, as everything about Rafa looks wonderful to me.

  2. Rafa is a great humanitarian, Admire him for all the work he does with chlldren,all the charitable work he does. Sad he lost in the doubles but happy he’s in singles still. Good Luck Rafa !

  3. I love Rafael’s sense of enjoyment when with children,. There is a real connection. He also has a sense of fun. Great selection of photographs. Beaten with Pico in doubles but both in singles. Vamos Rafaaaa

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