Rafa Roundup: Nadal and Federer to wear a lot of hot pink in 2015

Rafa poses with kids in Es Centre, in Manacor (via escentremanacor.com)
Rafa poses with kids in Es Centre, in Manacor (via escentremanacor.com)


For all the Spaniard’s physical problems and defeats on clay this year, he still won his record ninth French Open title. That gave him 14 Grand Slam singles titles, tying him with Pete Sampras for second-most all time for the men.

“I’ve heard that the new roof on Margaret Court Arena is now finished and the pictures I’ve seen are amazing. The Australian fans are always fantastic and I hope they’ll come and experience the finished stadium at this special event,” Nadal said.

Always when you didn’t compete for a while, to come back is difficult. But I will have the chance to play in Abu Dhabi first and then Doha, so I’m confident that will help me,’’ he said. “I’m sure when I start practising at the highest level (in the Middle East) I’m sure the level of intensity and competition will be helpful. Every match will be very important for me. “Only two events before the Australian Open is not much, especially after five months playing probably two tournaments. But that’s what it is. It’s not the first time it has happened for me. I’m motivated to be back strong again.’’

“Last year was one of the hardest moments in a tennis court for me in my career, so I really suffered a lot during that match,” Nadal, the 2009 champion, said in a teleconference from Spain on Friday.

Nadal will also play with the former Australian finalist Mark Philippoussis and junior singles champion Omar Jasika. The world No. 3 adds he is feeling much better physically, despite not playing much since winning Roland Garros due to injuries. “I am fine, I am working very hard, the last couple of weeks I really increased a lot my practice, this operation on the appendix was good, no problems at all,” Nadal said.

While we don’t know what the top players will wear for the first tournaments of the year or Melbourne just yet, here’s a peek at some of their practice items (great for fans) as well as some items from the rest of the Nike collection. One thing that stands out: PINK.

I don’t have any issues in telling my nephew if Federer is better, or Djokovic, or Murray. After all, there are players who have more ability at hitting the ball than Rafael, who hit it better. I think that accepting the reality is the first step to solving the problems and improving. … When all is said and done, there are always solutions. The best player doesn’t always win, nor does the one who hits the ball better.




  1. Es importante decir que cualquier color, cualquier país, cualquier hora, para Rafa es lo mismo–luchara con todo su poder y pasión! Adelante, Rafa, VAMOS para Australia!!!

  2. Rafa puede usar cualquier color pues con el que se vista se ve muy juvenil, su porte es muy atractivo y luce todo. Ya queremos verlo jugar. Yvonne

  3. Excited to see Rafa on court and wearing Pink will be so much better to see him glowing on court, very attractive in pink can’t wait counting the days to look at Rafa! Rafa outfits are very youthful with his gorgeous body!

  4. Rafa always wears the most compelling and exciting colors and color combinations on
    the courts. Roger always dresses more conservatively. It would be nice to see them
    face each other sometime in 2015. They both have so much class. Can’t wait for the
    splash of hot pink. Rafa will sizzle!

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