Rafael Nadal’s New Banc Sabadell Ads Are Here

Cerca (Close) is a Banco Sabadell project. A private conversation between Rafa Nadal and John Carlin, which, like most conversations today, does not occur in any one place or time, but rather in many. London, Manacor, Beijing, Sitges, Johannesburg and anywhere else their lives may take them. Because it doesn’t take place through a single medium, but rather through them all: instant messaging, video conference, e-mail, phone calls …


  1. The films have portrayed glimpses of Rafa’s life. So glad to see Rafa is so carefree off court. Always Rafa’s fan.

  2. These short films are nifty! I like them! It is rather fun to see Rafa and John chat with each other in different places and under various circumstances. 🙂

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