Rafa Roundup: Nadal knows how his body is feeling better than anyone

AP Photo/Darko Vojinovic
AP Photo/Darko Vojinovic


Health issues will not prevent Rafael Nadal from appearing at the Mubadala World Tennis Championship (MWTC) at the beginning of 2015 in Abu Dhabi. … “The latest [with Nadal] is that we’re in touch with his team on a regular basis,” said Greg Sproule, the Middle East head of IMG, which organises the tournament. … We’re in touch with his manager Carlos Costa, who has said he is coming to Abu Dhabi.

There are people out there who are amazed that Rafael Nadal could even consider playing on after being diagnosed with appendicitis, but he will know how his body is feeling better than anyone and would be the first to pull out if it was a problem he couldn’t handle.

One of the cardinal rules of sports media: don’t question an athlete’s injury. A lot of you inquired about Rafael Nadal’s decision to play in Asia despite being diagnosed with appendicitis. I will grant you that this decision is confounding, with the (understandable) caution he usually exhibits and his decision NOT to play July through September, as well as his decision to pull out of the IPTL (see below). But I think you have to chalk it up to the individual decisions individual athletes can make in individual sports.

The loud colours, the tight capris, the sleeveless tops (which the female audience is happy to see taken off after the match)—if you were not paying attention to tennis before, chances are Rafael Nadal would make you sit up and watch. Aside from this Spaniard’s good looks and rock-hard abs (which he’s bared in countless magazine covers), the currently ranked world no. 2 is the only male player to win a single Grand Slam tournament nine times. We wonder if he’s shown off his ripped chest in magazines as much?

Yo a Rafa (Nadal) le aconsejaría que se opere ya. Lo que está haciendo es muy peligroso y yo, que sé lo que pasa, me hubiera operado el mismo domingo en Shnghái. Si le explota el apéndice y se infecta la zona puede estar más de seis mese fuera del circuito”, dijo el colombiano.



  1. Rafa hoping you are ok and need to know
    If you are able to play the rest of the tounments
    For the end of this year We need you back
    Tennis is not the same without you and you can
    Make it back to number one
    Your biggest fan

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