VIDEO: Rafael Nadal arrives in Mallorca

Rafael Nadal is back home in Mallorca now. In an interview with a local TV station, he said that he wants to arrive to the Australian Open in the best possible condition. Rafa plans to play out the rest of the season and have the surgery after the ATP World Tour finals in November. He might have the surgery sooner; for now we know he will stay on antibiotics for appendicitis for at least five more days.

 Video via IB3TV


  1. Remain healthy and get well soon. Everything happens for a reason RAFA! Keep focused and look after your health.


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  2. Do the math, folks. If Rafa waits till mid-November to have the surgery, then has a 6-week recuperation period of very little physical activity and zero tennis activity, that leaves him only 3 weeks to prepare physically, technically and mentally for the Aussie Open. NO CAN DO! Have the surgery NOW, Rafa. Have it NOW. VAMOS!!!

  3. I talked to my doctor today. After an appendictis-operation you are not able to do sports for 4-6 weeks! How will you play the AO, Rafa?;-(

  4. Rafa no necesita puntos para ir al Masters…Está clasificado aunque pierda los puntos ganados hasta ahora. Todo jugador que haya ganado un GS se clasifica automáticamente…
    Además hay que tener en cuenta que quizás con los antibióticos no necesite nada más. Eso es lo que verán en unos días…No siempre hace falta operar hoy en día. Y además sería con laparoscopia, que a la semana siguiente puede estar jugando…Así que, es muy lógico que quiera seguir jugando…

  5. @JBeer Rafa has 1940 points more than Wawrinka in the Race to London. ( in the end of the year..Race and worldranking are the same) there are only 3more tournaments to go..Wawrinka has no chances to come in the ranking in front of Rafa. I don’t understand his decision. Maybe he will miss the AO!

  6. It’s strange, it seems much more smart to have the surgery now, regarding health and Aussie Open. But maybe the risk of being outside of the top 4 in case he quits the season now, is the reason to postpone.

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