Rafael Nadal to miss U.S. Open

World No.2 Rafael Nadal announced Monday that he will not compete in the U.S. Open next week.

Here is the full statement, in Spanish and English:

Rafael Nadal to miss US Open

Get well soon, Rafa!


  1. So sad to hear that the injury did not heal fully and enough to compete at the US Open. No excitement left in there now. Get well soon, Rafa. We would like to hear that famous yell again — Vamos!

  2. So sorry Rafa, it will not be the same without you, get better soon, look forward to seeing you play again when you are 100% fit.

  3. I am sorry you will not be able to play in the US Open as I was looking forward to watching you as you are my favorite men’s player. I hope when you are back you will be healthy to win many grand slams. I will not be rooting for anyone in the Men’s just the Women’s.

  4. Rafa, am a big fan of yours BUT I noticed you are TOO INJURY PRONE! It is unfortunate. Has your team considered doing something about your diet, training, practices etc? Why do other players like Federer have less injuries compared to you? What are they doing?

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