Rafa Roundup: Rafael Nadal will be missed at the US Open



Rafael Nadal withdrew from the US Open on Monday due to a right wrist injury.

Russell Fuller, BBC tennis correspondent: “Rafael Nadal first felt pain in his right wrist while practising in Majorca at the end of last month. He’s been wearing a light cast for the last couple of weeks, so his decision to miss the year’s final Grand Slam comes as no surprise. Nadal is now in the familiar position of having to work his way back from injury, and his absence throws the championships even more wide open.”

This is the second time that Nadal is unable to defend his title at a major. Due to tendinitis in his knees, he also missed Wimbledon in 2009. And in 2012, he surrendered a chance to defend his runner-up finish at the U.S Open (knees, again). I can’t think of a single Grand Slam champion who was unable to defend a title because of injury, although it’s hard to imagine it hasn’t happened. But twice?

With Nadal out, No. 3 Roger Federer has secured the No. 2 seed at the U.S. Open, which means he cannot face No. 1 Novak Djokovic until the final. It also means that Federer, who won his first ATP Masters 1000 title in two years on Sunday at the Western & Southern Open, will move to No. 2 in the rankings if he wins the tournament.

While the tennis world will mourn the loss of Nadal on the big stage, several players now have an opportunity to steal away the crown. And with the veteran and young talent in the field, expect plenty of intrigue in New York throughout the U.S. Open.

En 2003 jugué contra Rafa en Barcelona, en el Godó, sobre arcilla. Él venía de derrotar a Albert Costa en Montecarlo. Le pregunté a Albert: “¿Qué pasó? ¿Estuviste mal?”. «No, no, este chico es muy bueno», me dijo. Gané en tres sets, no sin notables dificultades. Yo tenía 29 años. Él aún no había cumplido los 17.

The king of clay is also the king of the swoosh. Rafael Nadal narrowly beats out Roger Federer thanks to his use of two wrist bands (Federer only wears one).

El domingo 15 de agosto de 2004, justo hace diez años, es una fecha marcada en rojo en la historia del tenis. Aquella tarde, Rafael Nadal lograba el primero de sus 64 títulos dentro del circuito profesional, al imponerse en la final del torneo de Sopot (Polonia) al argentino José Acasuso (6-3 y 6-4).

Photo: hbtv.com.cn
Photo: hbtv.com.cn

Thursday in Wuhan, Madame Tussauds unveiled a new wax statue of Rafael Nadal as well as a new area for where visitors can play a variety of tennis-related games.




  1. So sorry that you have to miss
    the US open. You need to get your injury sorted and come back stronger than ever! Take care we will be following your progress and look forward to your return. Xxxx

  2. Leilani, all you have said, sais it all, yes he was treated with no respect. at Wimbledon and other places and yes if he leaves the circuit of tennis it will be a sad day for all of us love to Rafa
    and keep safe xx

  3. Very bad news .Really u loose the interest if rafa is not there. It is difficult to think about tennis without Rafa.I am too sad today.

  4. I would not be surprised at all, if our beloved champion and tennis great RAFA, decides to focus on more rewarding projects ( e.g. new tennis school in Mallorca, for one ), where he will be, and IS, genuinely loved, respected and admired, and appreciated for the GREAT PERSON / HUMAN BEING that he is!!

    It has been apparent to me as one who admires RAFA for his love and respect of family and friends and down to earth humbleness, and genuine respect for not only his fellow competitors but for the Tennis heirachy around the world, that in some tennis circles, that same respect and courtesy is not afforded him in return….particularly noticeable, in 2013 on his comeback trail, and throughout this year of 2014…Wimbledon and the Australian Open are two that spring to mind.

    I respect and love RAFA much, for all he has achieved in his remarkable career, and what he has given to those youngsters who look to him for inspiration, and those from an earlier time, (me included), who watch him on our screens from our rocking chairs, and marvel at all that energy, zest, will and determination!

    Dearest RAFA, should you get to read this comment, know that whatever you decide to do, if tennis is no longer to be your main focus, I and all your genuinely loving fans, will ALWAYS ADMIRE, LOVE AND RESPECT YOU, FOR WHAT YOU HAVE BROUGHT TO THIS WORLD!

    With much love, light and trillions of rainbows,
    Namaste, Leilani :()

  5. Well i will miss him not watching him at yhe USA Open . but a very speed recovery. Love you Rafa you are a Champion. …Now my second player is Ernest Gulbis. ..I wish him the best. RAFA YOU WILL BE MISS.

  6. So disappointed for Rafael, he knows what is best for him and I hope that he will be fit and fully recovered for later in the year. The US Open will miss his vibrant presence, his energy. skill and his charismatic personality. Our support will always be there for our champion.

  7. Yes as always more bad news there has to be a bright side when rafa comes back he won’t be burned out for the last part of the season let hope he gets back for Asian swing and paris and season ending championship with lots of passion and motivation to win them all

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