VIDEO: Rafael Nadal practices with Carlos Moya in Manacor (August 19, 2014)

Video: IB3TV


  1. Deal with the pain! take a shot before the match! Agassi Played with pain all the time.. I thought this guy was tough at one point but he doesn’t care about anything but the clay court season, its a shame to see how soft hes getting

  2. Hope to see you soon back at the tournaments. Missed you for the rogers cup and cincinnati cup. May God bless and heal your wrist fast. Tennis without Rafa is no fun. Please come back soon. Love you Rafa.

  3. I watched a video from SkySports of his comeback in 2013. great emotions and i had a lot of pain in my heart. Another injury now. It’s such am shame. How many titles and GS could Rafa have without the injuries. But Rafa is a fighter and lovely guy. That’s the reason why we all love him. Come back soon champ. We all miss you. Tennis ist not the same without Rafa

  4. The Shanghai & Paris tournaments are looking great for Rafa, as long as he doesn’t cut his finger slicing bread, burn his hand at a Japanese restaurant or sprain his wrist diving off a boat. Then all he has to worry about are blisters, back pain, knee problems, etc…..

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