PHOTOS: Rafael Nadal plays poker with friends in Porto Cristo

This past week, Rafa had his friends and family together for a barbecue and some poker. Included among them was Spanish basketball captain, Juan Carlos Navarro. Rafa’s game had some special rules. Played like a Sit & Go, it was a single-table freezeout. But there was a catch. Whoever got busted first was in for a special penalty. (via PokerStars Blog)

Photos: Neil Stoddart, FMB 


  1. Well it reads rafa had friends and family over Stephanie so I guess I can see rafa owning that house it’s beautiful just like he is

  2. Absolutely agree with Amie Adair. Rafa is so humble and down to earth both on court and off court. Btw, is that Rafa’s house at Porto Cristo?

  3. Rafa has a lot of friends because he has a good heart not just because he is rich people want to be around him

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