PHOTOS: Rafael Nadal enjoys a sun-soaked holiday in Ibiza

Spotted spearfishing and snorkeling with friends on board a boat on Tuesday in Ibiza, Rafael Nadal looked like he was enjoying having some downtime away from the pressures of the tennis court. Here are some photos.

Source: Daily Mail


  1. Rafa te mereces esas vacaciones… Da igual con quien las pases si tu estas bien y te lo mereces.relajate y repone energía para verte en las pistas ganar todo y volver a hacer el numero 1…muchos saludos y un beso

  2. Rafa is allowed to enjoy time off with friends. Whether or not his girlfriend is with him is not anybody’s business. She has a life and a job. She (or he) is under no obligation to notify his fans. I’m really confused about the ridiculous comments here.

  3. They are not married, they started dating when they were young, sometimes you outgrow people. Better now than when they are married

  4. Lol people, don’t you have a life? How are these pictures bad for Nadal?! What the fuck is the problem about him going on a vacation with a friend?! Who cares his girlfriend isn’t there. Being in a relationship doesn’t mean you can’t do things on your own. Grow up people!!

  5. C’est du voyeurisme !!! honte à celui qui a osé poster la photo où l’on voit son bas ventre !!! Faut le laisser vivre sa vie hors tennis loin de tout ça !!!
    Quand à Xisca nous n’avons pas à commenter non plus !!! RESPECT à Rafa

  6. Wow, so many curious noses getting into his relationships and private life. Just leave him alone, he can date who ever he wants. His business, not yours. Leave him at peace crazy fangirls !!

    • I am sorry, but if he is with Xisca he cannot date whoever he wants. He can have a vacation without her but not date whoever he wants. I love Xisca as much as i love him.

  7. i am shocked I did not hear Rafa has broken up with Xisca,. maybe this is his business . lets hope its just a glit, they need some privacy, if its true , so be it,

  8. Rafa always goes on vacations at this time with his friends but he also vacates with Maria on their own like in Mexico earlier in the year. Don’t have any worries about them I read that they are closer than ever!

  9. Why all the fuss….their not married or engaged. ….what’s wrong with holidaying with friends

  10. I don’t understand how Rafa on vacation without Xisca makes him less than a nice guy or tarnishes his image. Maybe she’s working as somebody already noted, or had a vacation planned with girlfriends.

  11. If Rafa and Maria are no longer together , an announcement should be
    made. At least he wouldn’t seem like a cheater.

  12. Stop with these pictures. I agree with a previous comment in that you
    are not helping Rafa”s image. I am a big fan but these are making me
    think I was wrong about him being a nice guy.

  13. I would love to see more of Rafa and Xisca on vacations. They make such lovely couples with Rafa showing the soft part of him on her.

  14. I don’t think you do Rafa any favor posting the last picture. I think he deserves great vacations but I would like to see Xisca there. It gives him a better image.

    • what are you talking about? He’s fishing with friends. What exactly is the problem? (Not that he should care about his “image” whlle enjoying a day off . . .

      • He is in a disco with other women. Would you like being his girlfriend for so many years and seeing him in those pictures? I don’t see Xisca in a disco with other guys. I love Rafa so I want the best for him, don’t get me wrong. Sometimes too much exposure is bad. I agree he should have a good vacation, the kind he would like, but keep it private. I don’t need to see so many pictures. I am sure his mother agree with me.

      • and in a disco with other women. I know sometimes those pictures are only pictures with fans but then, don’t post them. They don’t add anything. I don’t want him to look as a play boy.

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