Rafael Nadal: “I am sad. Everybody in Spain is sad for what happened in the World Cup”

World No. 1 Rafael Nadal held his pre-tournament press conference on Saturday and he said that he is practising for more hours than his knees usually allow him to.

Rafa on his fitness: “Yes, I’m feeling better this year than the last couple of years. But that doesn’t matter if I lose in the first round and the opponent plays better than me. It’s the most dangerous tournament for me… If you’re able to win a few matches, then you have the feeling and everything becomes more logical.”

Rafa on the World Cup: “I am sad. Everybody in Spain is sad for what happened in the World Cup. But my mentality, my motivation going to be always at the top to play here in Wimbledon. So I am not more motivated because Spain lost in the World Cup.”

Source: Wimbledon Live Blog //Photos via Wimbledon & ESPN Tennis Twitter


  1. Had tickets 2009 and 2013 but missed you – have tickets for final this year – third time lucky for me and No 3 win at wimbledon for you – go for it!. x

  2. Rafa, You can make Spain very happy..go get Wimbeldon…Don’t worry about what anyone say about you and grass…remember you won this twice..You still the #1.

  3. Best of luck for wimbledon rafa. You are by far the greatest player on the tour just now and always an absolute joy to watch someone givevtheir all on a court, never seethes since Jimmy Connors graced the courts.
    Go show them that at 28 only months older than novak and Andy that your not an old timer as the press try to say and take wimbledon crown again

    GO RAFA!!!!!!!!!!!!


  5. I am so sad for Spain in the World Cup…no Puyol this year I see. Anyway go and do your stuff at Wimbeldon.

  6. today i saw a replay of last years final with djoklv, v murrey why oh, why have they given djok no 1 its just not right, also unfair , to you, yes I understand tennis also understand pure snobbery ,which is rife in Wimbledon,i know ,I was as born there school the very near to the common,. also tennis was lived and breathed at my school so put it right you lot,
    also those who are being mean Rafa rise above it and vamoose to you xx

  7. Rafael many are sad that your country lost but now your focus has to be totally on yourself and winning each match . You have nothing to prove so no pressure. Waves of good wishes

  8. Your a Winner Rafa! Win or lose you are what Tennis is all about and #1 to me! Not only are you a great player,you are a sportsman and an amazing man on court & off court!!

  9. I was sad for Spain to one of my favourite countries for a number of reasons. My parents live there, my best holidays and of course my idol rafa! Love Spain love rafa x

  10. RAFA, As long as you believe in yourself you will be a winner. it is SAD for me to read what Federer and Co is saying that your inability to win on grass is in their favor……it seems to me as if their is a lot of people who wants you to loose………you do your bets as always and what ever the outcome you will be our No ! for always, not only because of the way you play tennis but also because the tremendous guy you are!!! Thank you for your gentleness; your unbelievable generosity and kindness!!…….. You GO RAFA!!!

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