VIDEO: Roland Garros 2014 – In Rafael Nadal’s footsteps

Video: Roland Garros


  1. Beautiful write up, I agree entirely! No praise for our EXTRASUPERCHAMPION but it doesn’t matter, REAL GREATNESS is above comments! VAAAMOOOSSS RAAAFAAA, leave the haters without words!!! VAAAMOOO999…! VAAAMOOO999…! VAAAMOOO999…! We love u & we support u FOREVER!!! God bless u TOMORROW & EVERY DAY after that!!!

  2. WIMBLEDON next for our RAFA…after he makes history by winning PARIS for the nineth time on Sunday against NOVAK. All we will hear about from the media and commentators is his early exit over the last two years, something they will never forget or let be, give the guy a break will you and don’t hassle him about it, he must get sick of hearing it over and over, talk about his 9 wins at PARIS for a change and how he nearly pulled off his 14th grandslam at the AO this year, but will right that on Sunday making it his 14th grandslam which he has apparently appeared in 20 grandslam finals in his career that is amazing and he is still going….and how he has stayed at the top for most of his career which spans 13 years, now isn’t that remarkable the guy has been ranked 1 and 2 for most of those years, and all the media go on about is he may lose his number 1 ranking at PARIS if he loses, cmon give the guy a break will you, why do you only remember the few times he may lose, rather then the many times he has won, NOVAK hasn’t won PARIS yet, why don’t you pester him about why he hasn’t won it once, rather then not award RAFA the respect he deserves for winning it 8 times did you hear that 8 times, 8 times talk about how ‘sensational’ that really is, and don’t just spit it out, like it means nothing, when NOVAK is still chasing his first ever grandslam at PARIS, so now he can say he has won them all, well so has RAFA….HE HAS WON THEM ALL TOO, so GO FOR IT RAFA YOU CAN DO IT AGAIN…CHEERS AND VAMOS…

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