Rafa Roundup: Why we want Rafael Nadal to win French Open title?


The greatness of an extraordinary player takes nothing away from his opponents, be they past, present or future. So yes, Rafa, we would very much love to see you bite into the Coupe des Mousquetaires like a hungry schoolboy once again. Because we love you Rafa. It’s as simple as that.

Djokovic has won eight of nine sets against Nadal since their battle at the 2013 US Open, but Nadal owns a 13-4 clay-court record against the Serb and leads the overall FedEx ATP Head2Head rivalry 22-19.

The physical toll will surely be exhausting but it will be the mental contest filled with strategic moves and countermoves that will be the key to determining this year’s champion.

Nadal, de 28 años, domina 22-19 a Djokovic, de 27, en el cara a cara. Ha perdido los últimos cuatro precedentes. Siempre se ha impuesto cuando han jugado en París (5-0). Los datos, sin embargo, ya no cuentan. Son pasado. Lo que pesa mañana es el talento y el corazón, la raqueta y la estrategia, el alma, el sudor y cada gota de pasión competitiva.

John McEnroe: “I think Nadal is the favourite. There’s no doubt in my mind when you’ve won it eight times and you’re still out there playing as well as he is for the most part. I think that Nadal is just chomping at the bit in a way, just waiting to get to this match.”

“When I get a message from the king when I play a tournament, it’s a huge pleasure for me feeling supported by the leader of our country, and a king who was so much admired everywhere in the world.” – On the abdication of King Juan Carlos of Spain.

Right now, Rafa is playing his best tennis, he is moving so well. In the earlier tournaments, he was struggling a bit, although we shouldn’t get carried away, but he was struggling a bit with his movement during the run-up to the French Open. But just look at his last two sets against Ferrer. It was very impressive.

For both Nadal and his uncle, there is no doubt that the favourite this year is Novak Djokovic. “It’s because he’s very, very strong,” says Toni Nadal. “We would have preferred to have someone else in the final. I can’t even remember the last time Rafa beat him.”



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  1. The best of luck, Rafael! ONLY one more match and the trophy will be yours – VAAAMOOO999!!! we all believe in you and stand behind you & God will help u win because u deserve it!!! VAAAMOOO999…! VAAAMOOO999…! VAAAMOOO999….!!!!!!!!

  2. You play the best and you certainly are the best looking player. Win on Sunday and make us all happy!

  3. We want that he wins because he is the best and is playing superb, with confidence and just like a CHAMPION like he is!!!!!!!!!

  4. Bcs he born to write history in world tennis but especially in ROLAND-GARROS and be the King of King in French Open!!!

    Good Luck Rafa Nadal and all wishes to be in your heart and give you a more power today!!!

    We believe in you!!!

  5. What is with the topless photo. ? Very tacky, I am disappointed that you feel it will appeal to all his fans. There,s a lot more to Rafa than sex appeal. ..it,a called character, class and a wealth of wisdom about how to treat other people across the net and across the world.
    Jean Palmer

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