PHOTOS: Roland Garros 2014 – Rafael Nadal practice session

Defending champion Rafael Nadal was out on the practice courts today in Paris. Enjoy the photos! Vamos Rafa!

Photos: AP Photo/Bertrand Combaldieu, MIGUEL MEDINA/AFP/Getty Images


  1. Been out of the loop for a while, but don’t think Rafa is on the verge of breaking with his girlfriend. I just love to see them together, they make such a lovely couple.

  2. Ginepri sounds like an all round experienced player. Well used to defeat but keeps on trucking. also,apparently a fly fisherman. This could mean he is a bit of an optimistic gambler. Watch out for the unexpected , he has nothing to lose. Rafa seems to manage the variability of opponents well and again his total respect for challengers will hopefully see him enjoy a victorious opening game. We love you Rafa. We ladies of a mature age actually arrange tea parties,stronger stuff if need be , around his matches. He brings great,great joy to so many. Every success to Rafa and all our love from the Winnipeg,Canada Fan Club.

  3. Does Rafael Nadal perform all those famous rituals of his during training or practice sessions?

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