New ATP Rankings: Rafael Nadal has 650 points more than Novak Djokovic

In the latest ATP Ranking List as of Monday, May 19, Rafael Nadal is at No. 1 with 12,500 points. Our champion has 650 points more than Novak Djokovic and 6,670 more than Stanislas Wawrinka.

Top 10 in the current ATP Rankings:

ATP Rankings: May 19, 2014
ATP Rankings: May 19, 2014

Rafael Nadal is first in ATP Rankings Race to London list with 4,465 points.

Our champion will next play at Roland Garros in Paris where he won his eighth title last year beating David Ferrer 6-3, 6-2, 6-3 in the final. VAMOS RAFA!


  1. No matter the outcome in RG, no player can win RG 8 times, nor any GS 8 times!!ONLY RAFAAAA!!!!!!! None of the upcoming players will do it because at their age Rafa had already several.

  2. The #1 ranking is NOT of utmost importance to me. Like all on this site, I love Rafa for all of his many qualities as a person and champion, and he will always be the best. Also, it is doubtful anyone will ever come close to matching his clay court record.

    But I am curious as to how the points play out with RG as this is where the details of the ranking system get confusing to me. I saw that some of “the other guy’s” fans are already crowing about the outcome, and many of them are disrespectful and outright nasty and crude. I know, just ignore them; I do try. Since Rafa is defending champion, what happens if he and #2 reach final? And if one or the other wins?

    I stress that my priority is seeing Rafa healthy, happy, and happy with how he is playing . . .

    • Same here, Debby. My priority too, as well as Rafa’s countless fans, is to see Rafa healthy, happy and playing inspiring tennis for a long long time more.

  3. Querido Rafa se que es dificil enfrentar una derrota en algo que solamente tu lo puedes hacer, no pierdas la cabeza, concentrate y demuestra esa fortaleza que solamente tu sabes tener por que nos los has dado. Vamos Campeon.!!!!!!! Tu puedes!!! Siempre contigo No. 1

  4. RAFA. .ga y que darle una terapia de psicólogo .Se pone muyy tenso jugando con el serbio (que es poco humilde..razón por la cual. Cae poco bien)..hay que tratar de buscar nuevas estrategias. .para jugarle). ES aveces; muyyy dichoso. .mira como le ganó a Ferrer. .comparto con mis amigos. .que el jugó .ni curró para llevarse el título (siempre que está perdiendo se hace el igual que Anda M.) Hay que ayudarse campeón me luce que es mental. .vaaamooóssss RAFA. .CONFIAMOS EN TI😁😀😂😃😄😍😛

  5. Next time you MUST WIN ! See you at Roland Garros and prepare well the the way to win !!! Lili.

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