PHOTOS: Rafael Nadal edges past Andy Murray to secure semi-final spot!

Another day, another marathon for Rafael Nadal.

King of Clay overcame a strong challenge from Andy Murray to win 1-6, 6-3, 7-5 and reach the semi-finals in Rome.

“I really didn’t feel like I was playing bad in the first set. Probably tactically (it was) not good but inside the energy was really good. Tonight I didn’t have any negative thoughts for the whole match. … I closed the match at the first opportunity. The physical part is really good, the mental part too, and my tennis is going to be there sooner or later. This was one of my best matches in a while,” Rafa said.

Our champion will face Bulgarian Grigor Dimitrov on Saturday about 8 pm CEST. VAMOS RAFA!

Source: AP/ Photos: Getty Images, AP Photo, TennisTV


  1. The BIG QUESTION is: Can Rafael Nadal defeat Novak Djokovic in Sunday’s final??? The answer is a BIGGGG NNNnnnnooooo!!!!

  2. Rafa’s gf has a ring on her left hand ring finger. Did Rafa propose to her?

  3. What a fantastic game Rafa! You are just amazing, my heart was beating so fast, I think we are even more tense than you are on the court, watching is nail-biting but always so exciting. Go well in the next game and hope to see you in the final and with the trophy in your hands! x

  4. I can relate to being an avid follower and admirer of Rafa the warrior. That match against Andy was epic. I was glad to see a healthy and positive-minded Andy on the court. Another nail-biter. Such a sense of urgency for Rafa after the first set. Rafa’s matches provide such amazing drama, excitement and twists and turns. I become riveted to the screen! How he can play such challenging matches 3 days in a row and be victorious is simply unbelievable. You feel for him in every point. You can feel the pressure and responsibility of being a #1 ranked player as well. Personally, he is # 1 whether he wins or loses. He is remarkable.
    Hope he can get some rest, though! Grand Slams, I imagine might provide some relief
    for him because you have to win 3 out of 5. Best of luck tomorrow against Dimitrov!

  5. My whole family likes tennis more than any other sports because Nadal is there…but if he does not play, we don’t watch….if he losses ,we don’t watch and read sports news bec.negative comments about him is on the hurts and takes long to forget like the match between him and warwinka……nadal is a part of our live…we admire him day by day…….so for Nadal,…..”BELIEVE AND IT WILL HAPPEN”.

  6. What an awesome match! Left me breathless.My 2 favorite players. For Andy, he is back.and ready to contend. For Rafa, qui siempre esta en mi corazon, he is back also. About 1/3 of the way in the 3d set, he bit his lip, his eyes hardened, and (with an appropriate nod to Orlando of Italian literature) what emerged was Rafa Furioso. We fans have been waiting for this for months. Rafa Furioso. Unbeatable!

  7. Lion Heart!
    Brave Heart! My inspiration for my amateur running competitions.
    Never too full of himself, never. Always realistic. Hope he can manage to have enough rest.
    Congratulations to Andy. What a player he is. This kind of match does much for the sport.
    Rafa and Djocko in the final.

  8. BTW, Rafa’s girlfriend looks gorgeous!! Love to watch them together!!

  9. I nearly have a heart attack streaming the match, lol. Was praying and sending positive energy to Rafa and so glad he won! Hope he tops his level for the coming matches to hold the trophy again. All the way with you Rafa!!

  10. I followed d match via live text commentary & i had my heart racing like Usain Bolt. Rafa clearly isnt on top of his game but he’s ready 2 fight & suffer,& dat means alot 2 fans like me. Wot a fighter he is. Keep going Rafa,go all d way,we’re with U. Vamos

  11. NO SE PUEDE CREER!!!!! RAFA es lo mas grande que hay!!!! GRANDE !!!!!!!!! NUNCA HUBO NI HABRA OTRO COMO RAFA!!!!!!!!!

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