Rafa Roundup: Another day, another marathon for Nadal


“I played with passion and motivation even if the feeling was not perfect,” said Nadal. “That’s always very good news, because when you have a lot of opportunities during the match, you keep fighting, trying to find solutions. That always means that you really want to win.”

”Get used to (it),” Nadal said of his recent struggles. ”With the years that’s the normal thing. Everybody suffers. That’s part of the sport.” ”I play against one of the top players in the world after two tough days,” Nadal said. ”If I play well I’m going to have my chances, if not I’m going to spend the weekend (at home) in Mallorca.”

Nadal faces, and dispatches, a lot of players on clay. With Murray not getting far in clay-court events, there’s less opportunity to play Nadal. Both of these have an obvious counterpoint: Neither factor has stopped Murray from playing Djokovic or Federer 17 times since last facing Nadal. Whatever the reason, the Murray-Nadal drought is an unfortunate oddity that gets rectified on Friday. Finally.

“He jugado un día de noche y con bastante viento y hoy de día con un huracán. Es complicado encontrar así buenas sensaciones, jugando con estas condiciones. Y si a esto le unimos un cambio drástico de condiciones entre Madrid, donde la bola es mucho más viva, y lo que sucede aquí, esto hace que las cosas sean complicadas”, refirió.

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Federer was 24 years old and at the peak of his powers. He had accumulated seven Grand Slam titles. Nadal was 19, the defending French Open champion and in the midst of his legendary 81-match winning streak on clay.



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  1. That’s right “Get used to it” all your opponents are tough to play they all are fighting to get on top like you Rafa! They are all playing great tennis now, they a e playing the game you are playing, probably looking at all your past games and playing your forehands. Now you ahve to change your game around like you did today in the two sets with Andy! Great game today

  2. Love what u said in the press u really r a deep person good luck in the rest of the tourney king of clay for life

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