Rafa Roundup: Cristiano Ronaldo and his son cheer on Rafael Nadal


“During the first hour I played better than yesterday, more dynamically and with more intensity,” said Nadal. “I knew what I was doing with every ball with no surprises. I was defending properly and knowing what was happening in every single moment. Perhaps that’s something I wasn’t able to do in recent weeks. “The negative thing is in the match I had an opportunity to close it out with great feelings and I made a few mistakes in a row. That made the match more complicated. I gave the opportunity to Jarkko to play more aggressive and with more determination.”

Real Madrid footballer Cristiano Ronaldo was courtside at the Caja Magica on Thursday to watch World No. 1 Rafael Nadal in third-round action at the Mutua Madrid Open.

“He has won multiple majors, every single one (more than once) except the Australian Open – and give him another year on that,” Agassi said. “It’s just remarkable to me what he has done, and he has done it all during Federer’s prime.”

We don’t know yet if his losses in Monte Carlo and Barcelona are truly meaningful, but they’ve certainly made a whole class of long-oppressed players — the clay-court lovers — pop their heads up like the gopher in “Caddyshack.” Finally, they’re thinking, it’s our time to boogie.




  • Rafa makes a wish come true!

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