PHOTOS: Rafael Nadal practices in Madrid ahead of his opening match

Rafael Nadal was back in the office today, working on his game for his second round match on Wednesday. As usual, Rafa took the time to sign autographs and chat with fans. Here are photos from his practice.

Photos: Mutua Madrid Open


  1. I agree with Mitch. Also Rafa is too humble – his speeches are very humble but after all this time with these words and thoughts -what he says and thinks – seems to be coming true – it is becoming a self fullfilling prophesy.

  2. Rafa MUST play more offensive, more aggressive, more first strike tennis to win this tournament. His top rivals – and some mediocre ones as well – aren’t letting him get away with his SHORT returns anymore. They are crowding the baseline and jumping all over his mid-court rally shots. Rafa can counter that ONLY by hitting flatter, deeper shots for winners and forced errors from his opponents. He’s done it before periodically, so I’m sure that he can do it again. He must do it again, and do it consistently, to regain his winning ways. VAMOS!!!

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