VIDEO: Interview with Rafael Nadal – Barcelona, April 25, 2014

Rafael Nadal reflects on his quarter-final loss to Nicolas Almagro at the Barcelona Open Banc Sabadell. Watch!

Video: ATP World Tour


  1. Rafa, just do some Neuro Linguistic programming and get the negative feelings and lack of confidence caused by AO 2104 loss to Stan out of your system. I guess there is no other issue for you. So just stay positive. After all tough times are a companion for you all through your career. All this while it has been physical and now for a change it’s mental and that’s tougher. But do some NLP, think about your records that stand tall and the great wins you have had and the unbelievable shots that you have played. Then come back roaring to win a 9 th french, 3rd wimbledon, 3rd us open and if possible a calendar slam!! and all the 3 masters titles that have eluded you!! You know and we know that you have got the game for atleast 3-4 years!! So shrug off all the neagtives and stun everyone!!

    mathews george

  2. Just go with the flow Rafa,and u will follow suit with many more wins at this and many other tournaments, right Rafa?? I love you and always will, you have a great heart and a fantastic spirit!! Take care of your health and work on your spirituality!!!! Love & Kisses your biggest fan…..Ms. Rodriguez

  3. We’re still behind you and we will continue supporting you. But please change your game and maybe take some time off so you can prepare your next games. A bad beginning makes a good ending the saying goes. All the best in the upcoming matches.

  4. Rafa, I just can tell you……WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Please, I want to see the real Rafael Nadal, the greatest clay player of the tennis history
    You can’t give up!!!!!!

  5. Rafa, watching the video of your interview, my heart goes out to you. Please accept my sincere condolences about Tito and to his friends and family. You are the best in each and every way and a true champion and role model. I have nothing but respect for you. Putting the loss of your friend above all else, shows how much you care and where your priorities lie. The tennis will still be here. Please take care and know that you are loved globally and thoughts are with you. Respecfully, your loyal fan always.

  6. Is there any way that we can also have these conferences in words not just video. Where Ilive there is not a strong enough signal to run the videos! Thanks.

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