VIDEO: Interview with Rafael Nadal – Barcelona, April 23, 2014

The eight-time Barcelona champion Rafael Nadal opened his latest campaign for the title against countryman Albert Ramos in the second round. He reflects on his opening win. Watch now!

Video: ATP World Tour


  1. Well, with Ferrer out, Dologopolov out and Fognini out, if Rafa cannot win this tournament on Sunday, then he has no business competing in the FO in May!!!

  2. Congrats for today, Rafa. You are a winner, you are number one, and you have been the most exciting talent to watch in tennis in the last ten years. Trust in yourself. Tell yourself before every game that you are a winner and you will win! I do the same when I teach students at the university. You are a model for me and an example of hard work, ambition, and humbleness for all of us, your fans. Vamos, Rafa. Let’s win the clay season, let’s win Wimbledon, let’s stay number one this year and the years that follow. We all love you so much!

  3. +Hi Rafa, and congratulations on your win today against Ramos. I love you and you are the best. I wish you health, mental freshness, and a good feeling on the court for the rest of the tournament (hopefully I will be praying for your success in the Barcelona FINAL.) The best of everything to you Rafa. Remember to have much belief in yourself, have passion and love for your sport – afterall, for me, you are the best tennis player in the world to watch. You have given me much joy through the years just watching you. I hope you are able to give me years more of that joy. Thank you for that Rafa. God Bless You. Love Marylynn

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