Rafa Roundup: Nadal is better on clay than any other athlete is on anything


His career winning percentage on clay is .934. Only two other men in history (Bjorn Borg and Ivan Lendl) are over .800. Roger Federer’s .871 winning percentage on grass is the highest on any other surface and it’s still more than .060 points behind Nadal’s mark on clay.

AFP Photo/Valery Hache
AFP Photo/Valery Hache

For Rafael Nadal, tennis has always been war. It is brutal, merciless battle. Think Little Bighorn with a net strung across the middle of the field. And with the Monte-Carlo Masters under way, the tennis season’s phony war is over and the real one, the one for real men, is beginning.

“It was very important that point, 3-1, break point for him,” said Nadal. “I saved it with one good shot and one good volley. After that I felt that was the time to try to push a little bit more and increase a little bit the rhythm and the intensity. I did, I think. I played a good game to have the break back. I felt that I had the match a little bit more under control. “Always in the first match, the thing that you want at the beginning is get into a rhythm, play some long points, find the feelings. But I didn’t have that chance because he started very quick with finding the winners on the first ball that he could.”

“Put the watch there [pointing on court] and then you don’t have to do nothing, Pascal,” Nadal said, implying the chair umpire needed to use his discretion as opposed to just count the seconds on the clock.

The best clay-court player of all time aims to complete a 10th year of domination, having won his first French Open in 2005. In 60 matches at Roland Garros Nadal has lost only once…

Tras entregar su primer saque, el español debuta en Montecarlo ganando 6-4 y 6-1 a Gabashvili, que tuvo bola de 4-1… Ante Seppi, el español buscará su victoria 300 en tierra batida.

“A veces soy el primero en aceptar las cosas, pero hoy no puedo aceptarlo, porque ha sido un peloteo muy largo, era punto de ‘break’. Creo que Pascal (Maria) es bueno, pero no tenía razón.”



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