Rafa Roundup: How is Rafael Nadal’s French progressing?

Photo via Style.com
Photo via Style.com


Nadal took his rival’s move in good humor. “I thought it was great when I heard he bid for it! It was good fun, and I’m very happy to support Natalia and her foundation.”

All of which makes Nadal’s presence on dirt as essential as Tiger’s presence at the Masters—more essential, in fact, because Rafa is still at the top of his game. Imagine a clay season without Nadal. I can almost hear the cries of relief from some of you, but by the end of two months, how satisfying would it be? There would still be dramatic matches, and deserving new champions, and no one would have to wait while Rafa lined up his water bottles. Yet there still would be something missing for all fans.

Last Question, Rafa. Did You Improve Your French? “No, I have not studied at all and it is still very bad! I can read, and if you speak slowly I understand a little, but that’s it!”

Nadal could have pulled a Sampras, too. The Spaniard has accomplished everything there is to accomplish in the sport, beaten everybody there is to beat. The significant injuries he’s had, the chronic pain he endures, would have driven many players out of the sport. But Rafa keeps coming back, keeps finding a way — against all odds — to improve as a player and a competitor.

The 2014 French Open will be offering overall prize money of €25,018,900, which represents an increase of €3 million compared with 2013. The winners of the men’s and women’s singles in 2014 will each receive €1,650,000, which is 10% more than last year.




  1. Thank you for keeping us up to date with Rafa news. Well done for all the charity work to all players involved. Good luck Rafa for Monte Carlo and the Clay Season. You are the best and all Rafans are right there with you. Vamos Rafa xxx

  2. May I know when was this Natalia Naked Heart Foundation? Was it last week this year?

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