PHOTOS: Rafael Nadal Attends ‘What Really Matters’ Congress in Mallorca


  1. In order to stay in the top three as a tennis player, Rafa does have talent! How do we quantify talents? Each players has their own talent and style of play, no one is the same. It is talent + hard work = success (make to the top). Novak is lucky to have very good physical health in terms of flexibility and please be mindful that he has no joints problems like Rafa has. I fully support Rafa and believe he is the best in terms of talent and mental strength.

  2. Rafael Nadal plays passionately, has skills and has an enormous mental and physical endurance. He wins before playing, while others fight to win.

  3. So happy to see your hair getting longer Rafa!! Good luck on the clay and take the French Open title again, I am sure you can do it!

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