RafaelNadalFans.com celebrates 1 year online today!

Today is a very exciting day for Rafael Nadal Fans because it marks our anniversary of being online for one yearWe are so proud of how far the website has gotten since last year and we’re very grateful for all the support all of the visitors have given us. 

Rafael Nadal in Majorca, 2011 © Getty Images
Rafael Nadal in Majorca, 2011 © Getty Images

Rafael Nadal Fans was first created on May 25th, 2010 when we started a new account on Twitter (@RafaelNadalFC) to help support Rafa and his foundation and to meet and connect with other fans. After thinking about it for a long time where and how to start our first ever website, RafaelNadalFans.com opened on March 10th, 2013. We wanted Rafa’s fans to have a fun site to visit that will provide them with all the news, information, photos, videos, and everything related to him. We have been a phenomenal success, getting readers from over 200 countries around the world.

Running a website is a lot of work, definitely not easy, but we love doing it. Now, just like day one, this all-volunteer not-for-income generating site, manned 24 hours, is here because of love for Rafa and true fan dedication. We appreciate everyone visiting the site, and we hope that everyone loves it and continues to return on a regular basis. Thank you all for a very successful first year and we hope you will continue to celebrate with us for many more to follow. VAMOS RAFA!

Team Rafael Nadal Fans 

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  1. Love and vamos Nadal – we love you so much and are with you all the time! THANK YOU SO MUCH RafaelNadalFans Team!!! CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR FIRST ANNIVERSARY!!! Best site ever …I am so happy I discovered you just since the Rio tour this year. Your work is much appreciated! You are all incredibly kind to put the time and effort to do this for all of us Rafa’s fans – thank you very much! We love following Nadal and your site and getting updated of Rafa’s games and whereabouts. Rafa dear, VAMOS VAMOS VAMOS …. You brought lots of joy and beauty back to Tennis and watching you play is a true treat and such a fun gift. But first of all take good care of yourself, your body your big heart and your feelings. Thank you so much sweet Nadal for being the man and the sportsman that you are – your goodness makes us all better people. You ar an awsone example and all credit to you, God bless you!!! As you very long time fans we pray Rafa that you please take your time moving to your next step. With ease and good thoughts all is possible!!! We all love watching you so much and it is ok for you to play for as long as you want to. Do not let no pressure move you beyond your own timing because your true rare passion for Tennis (and whatever else you do) and your forthright tenacity in my opinion surpassed all imagination of greatness. Do what feels right for you. You have given the world plenty good already, and continue to do so On and Off the court with your classy kind nature. watching you play is a blessing. A true gift ! God Bless you dear Rafa!!! You have accomplished plenty plus some and plenty plus more… and you have earned it all with your God’s given grace and heart and hard work and passion and love all beautifully mixed. Please know sweetheart that you have fans all over the world …we all love watching you play your magic on the court and your routine so beautiful before each game – custom made RAFA!!! We love your genuine nature – real good people you are… and a tiger of a tennis player. On and on and on… but will spare space fro your other fans to also write just want to mention a couple of other virtues you put forth for all of us…. You brought so much beauty and depth into the game of tennis in your long career and you have so many gifts….not only tennis. Before you, tennis was doll and uneventful ever since Borg left the scene, and you brought the joy and beauty to the game once again with your play, your running after every ball, your beautiful evolving English, your love for your family and friends, for music for the beach for fun and games…you are a complete blessed person Nadal with creatively amazing intensity…. that is why we are all crazy about you and enjoy watching you play….and you are only 27 years old !!! God is in you and your moving forward which ever way it may be more TENNIS< more tennis, more tennis… GOLF< FISHING< ACTING< COACHING< SPORTS ANNOUNCING… you will be excellent in whatever you choose to do – you are one class act! A beautiful INSIDE OUT tennis Champion and your interviews are so wise and filled with down to earth sense…we love you! We loved you from the FIRST TIME WE SAW YOU PLAY back in Wimbledon long hair 3/4 white pants, sleeveless tops and hair band… you were like an Indian Chief with your intense concentration and beautiful brown eyes. God bless you ! We are so proud of the person you are and the kind classy man you are on and off the field. Please stay away from too much poker games…sometimes a game start as a game and can be tuff later on…you earned your world wide recognition and can be very proud of yourself. Uncle Tony I am sure recognizes all your gifts and can express encouraging, kind and praising words for you!!! Your success and passion and amazing wisdom and kindness will always take you to good in your future. VAMOS NADAL love and peace sweetheart from my family in Boston, MA, United States

  2. Hi Rafa, I’m so proud to say I’ve been a fan of yours, since you went “Pro”. I was intrgued by your passion and style for the game. It is never a dull match when you are on the court. I’m having Rafa withdrawals right now while you are not playing. After being hit “head on” on the interstate, I wasn’t expected to make it alive (by helicopter) to hospital. (fatalities involved) I have been through 48 reconstructive surgeries, while healing I would watch you play and it would inspire me a little more every time – to fight to overcome this horrific thing that happened to me. Before accident, I was a “fitness trainer” at a health club, where I live, I set a goal and that wAs to make it to 1 US OPEN to see you play. Since then I’ve lost everything making my dream out of reach. I still haven’t given up all hope. I still hope one day, I’ll find a way to meet my mentor in life- Rafa! Thank you for inspiring me to never give up, not to make excuses and to not look back. One of your best heart felt fans, Debby. Vamos Rafa, Vamos!!!

  3. An amazing website. It is the best website for Rafael fans. Thank you for the team who work very hard and make this website very successful.

  4. Wow, it’s been a year since I’ve stumbled to this site while I was looking for Rafa’s news in google. Eversince that day, I make it a point to visit daily. This is just so convenient because almost everything is here. I don’t usually need to browse google for more. It has surely come a long way. Congratulations! And thanks for sharing all the information about Rafa (eventhough some of them are heartbreaking hehe). You’re the best, guys! More power. And may this site will be up for as long as Rafa is around. God bless =)

  5. I am relatively new to this site but you know what, you guys are fantastic!!! Not only providing us fans with all Rafael’s news which I am so grateful but the dedication and commitment of the team. Congratulations for such phenomenal and excellent work!! Just love Rafael and will continue to pray for his victory!

  6. Welldone guys,u’re doing an amazing job. There’s hardly any day i don’t visit d website,i hav it bookmarked. I Love Rafa alot & i love u guys 4 keeping me updated on him.Congratulations on ur 1 year anniversary.

  7. I have been a Rafa fan for a long time and I love playing the game as well. I did not find the website until recently but am so glad I did. I recently lost a finger in an accident and my love for the game and the inspiration I get from watching Rafa made me get right back out there and play. Thanks for all you do!

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