Rafa Roundup: February 13, 2014


… “How hard that man fights, how he is personally… Very few people can get to be like he is,” Fernandez told dpa two days ahead of the singles event he is set to compete in. “Being as strong as he is mentally, controlling everything, your head, your hold on things, the physical thing,” Fernandez said of the tennis world number one.

… The 13-time major champion and current ATP World No. 1 is an international celebrity and multimillionaire, yet he somehow remains just a humble servant of tennis. Confident, driven and deferential, Spain’s greatest tennis player is a post-postmodern superstar.

… “The physical demands come from the matches I win, the more you win, the more demands you have. I prefer to have more demands and win more than to have a really bad year,” Nadal told Spanish radio station Onda Cero. “When I’m done with all of this, there will be time for the body to recover. An athlete’s life, I think, is about playing with pain.”

… This is “Rafael” Nadal — the man that talks about every opponent as if they’ve won more Grand Slams than he could ever dream to, despite the fact that almost all trail him by a wide margin. This is the player that’s humble in both victory and defeat…

… “Today, I started training a bit to see if the thing is going well and I can play in Rio. I bought tickets,” Nadal told Onda Cero. The Spanish star had not been able to practice since injuring his back in the Australian Open final last month. “Whatever it takes,” Nadal said, adding that “it’s that you have a commitment to the tournament for a while. The idea is to fulfill your commitments. Pulling out of Buenos Aires has not been pleasant.”

… “I think Rafa is eight seconds over and nobody ever gives him a warning,” Tursunov said. Later, Tursunov added: “Rafa will pick his ass for 30 seconds and you guys will watch it. You’re not going to say a word.”




  1. Hey tursunov please speak with your racquet or shut up. You can pick your bum if you want to who is stopping you

  2. Tursunov you are just jealous, if Rafa wants to pick his ass, he is number One and he can pick it if he wants and you can watch, even better kiss his ass

  3. Hey Tursunov, I think you are ready to criticize Rafa cause he is #1 and your not, by the way if you would watch Rafa he is not picking his butt he is just pulling down his under ware cause they ride up. get real and don’t make these silly little snide remarks.

  4. ATP is making Rafa the scapegoat for time violations. Sometimes he would get warnings though the opponent spent longer average time between serves, case in point: 2013 Montreal final against Raonic, 2011 Wimbledon against JMDP. 2012 AO final Djokovic spent a lot longer between points than Rafa.

    At least make it equal to everyone.

  5. Hey Tursunov, win something before you criticize others.
    I have seen Rafa get plenty of time warnings. Maybe you should
    pick your butt, it might help your game. Vamos Rafa!!

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