Rafa Roundup: February 5, 2014


“…Based on 5 rounds looking at various different metrics the most popular tennis player is a two way tie between…”

“…Without a doubt, tennis’ greatest-ever debate would be much livelier — or at least more far-reaching. After all, Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal still would be quite a few major titles behind the leader…”

“…”Hacía ya tiempo que tenía ganas de crear un proyecto que me permitiera compartir con los más jóvenes todo aquello que a mi me ha dado el tenis, que es mucho más que trofeos. Siempre he tenido claro que practicar deporte significa también tener unos valores que, con este tour, queremos potenciar entre el futuro del tenis español…”

“The soul is good. It wouldn’t be right to say I was not well after all the things this life has given me. I am a person that takes losses very well, I always have been, and I really do not think about them anymore after a few hours. This time it’s taking me a little more…”



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  1. I should have realized when the site had the adjective “Perfect” before “Tennis” that it was a Federer fansite, since that seems to be his fans’ perception of him, except that it apparently isn’t perfect enough to beat Rafa. I think all the nastiness comes from that. It must be hard to see your fave beat so soundly and consistently by his rival.

  2. Rafa just announced withdrawal from BA. Can someone please take a look at his video and translate? Please please please. Really want to know if it’s the back still bothering him. Thank you so much!

  3. my idol rafa,just keep on doing what is good & pleasing to our God Almighty..no matter what.OK?

  4. 1st link, interesting data, nasty nasty comments. reminded me why I really don’t like Federer fans. Federer is fine. But how does he attract so many nasty fans?

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