Rafa Roundup: December 15, 2013


… Rafael Nadal leads four ‘under pressure’ categories, according to the FedEx ATP Reliability Index.

… The last time a tennis player won the award was 1992 when Arthur Ashe received the honor. Two women in tennis have won the award, Billie Jean King (1972) and Chris Evert (1976). In November, Sports Illustrated writer Michael Rosenberg selected Nadal as his choice for the award. Evert wrote an article for SI in support of Serena Williams.

… Nadal ha tenido un problema serio, pero se ha recuperado, y muchos no han sabido apreciar los valores que tiene. Nunca lo he visto arrojar la toalla. Es un tío fortísimo de cabeza, físicamente impresionante, y cada vez que lo veo jugar, nunca se pone límites. Siempre está perfeccionando su técnica, aprendiendo cosas nuevas… ¡es increíble que un jugador, que ha ganado lo que ha ganado, mantenga siempre esa ilusión!

Other great comebacks in 2013 were more global in appeal, none more so than Rafael Nadal’s return to the tennis summit after missing seven months, including the Australian Open, with chronic knee problems.

… If you presumed that Rafael Nadal was merely world-class on the tennis court, think again. This week, the world number one took on his poker counterpart at Texas Hold’em – and he only went and won the contest. Oh, and did we mention it was his live tournament poker debut, too? It makes you wonder if there is anything Rafa cannot do.

… Not that anyone was complaining. This was a night of gracefully vehement tennis from both men. Wherever they are, whatever round it is, Nadal and Djokovic have a hard time playing a bad match against each other.

PHOTOS: Carlos Moyá receives the International Juan Antonio Samaranch Award from Rafa


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  1. Rafa is special in everyway from his love for family, Tennis to his golf, to his card playing, to his cooking his favorite food, to his boating, to his love for people,to his humbleness.he is just such an awesome person,Vamooooooooooooos Rafa.

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