Rafa Roundup: November 23, 2013


… The likelihood of Nadal completing the calendar does seem very low — microscopic, if you will. But don’t all great achievements start as a small improbability?

… According to a survey of MARCA readers, who expressed themselves through a poll on MARCA.com, Rafael Nadal is the best Spanish sporting personality in history. As such, he’ll receive a special award commemorating 75 years of Marca at a celebratory gala to be held this Tuesday, the day of the anniversary, in Madrid.

… Nadal is a man who usually runs (and runs) on positive energy. And there would be more exotica on the very next point as the acrobatic Djokovic, in control of the exchange but oddly not of his balance, put away a high volley and collided with the net before his would-be winner had bounced a second time.

… Vivieron una experiencia única, reservada para elegidos. Por eso les brindaron la posibilidad y la aprovecharon. El español Rafael Nadal, Nº 1 del mundo, y el serbio Novak Djokovic (2º) se enfrentaron el viernes en una cancha montada sobre una embarcación mientras navegaba frente al glaciar Perito Moreno, en la Patagonia argentina, a modo de brindar una exhibición diferente.

… “Me entrenaré estilo ‘Rambo’ para volver al número 1. Tengo muchos objetivos para 2014 y uno grande es tratar de ganarle a Rafa para conquistar Roland Garros”, afirmó Djokovic.



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