New Rankings: World No.1 Rafael Nadal finishes at top for the year

The rankings have been updated, and Rafael Nadal has a 920 point lead over Novak Djokovic at 13,030, with no points to defend for the month of January, including at the Australian Open, where Djokovic has to defend his title. He gained 1000 points as the runner up at the World Tour Finals in London.

Year end ranking

Rafa started the year with a ranking of No. 4 (6600 points), dropping to No. 5 later that month. After his win at Sao Paulo, Rafa went on a winning spree, losing points only at Monte Carlo, where he was unable to defend his title. Although he did not advance beyond the first round at Wimbledon, he did not have any points to defend thereafter, and any tournament was an opportunity to add to his ranking. That is exactly how it went, as Rafa won the US Open and went deep in the Asian Swing and at the World Tour Finals. His Year End No.1 ranking was well deserved.

What a fantastic year; 2014 will be great! Vamos Rafa!


  1. Right on Rafa, keep up the good work for 2014!!!! I am here to root for you, as well as millions of others….so stay healthy and VAMOS for January 2014, take care of your health and onward and upward Rafa, love you from San Diego, CA

  2. Great achievements, getting 10 titles when others have ended the season with none! Good job and good luck next season!

  3. Rafa regained the level where he rightfully belongs to! Needs to retain and maintain this level continuosly through the coming four(4) years, at least! Vaamos, Rafa!

  4. Reaached back to the level where he rightfully belong to! It must be retained and maintained continuously for the next four(4) years! Vamos, Rafa!

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