Rafa Roundup: November 9, 2013


… Nadal improved his season match record to 74-6, including 35-3 on hard courts. He is the first active player to win at least 35 matches on clay (39) and hard courts in the same season. He also advanced to the semi-finals for the 16h time in 17 tournaments. He is an ATP World Tour-best 23-4 vs. Top 10 opponents this year.

… Wawrinka texted ESPN analyst Darren Cahill during the match and said he was more nervous watching Nadal-Berdych than during any of the matches he played in London… “Wawrinka is one of the players that I have a better relationship with on tour. I felt sad during the match that he felt that way,” Nadal said. “I told him ‘I’m sorry, it’s not going to happen again’. That’s why I told Toni to stop because the relationship is more important than any match.”

… It’s the Berdych-Nadal history writ small: Taking the best the big man can produce and returning it with interest. It dismissed Berdych from the tournament and put Wawrinka in the semifinals.

… “It was nothing about coaching. After the match, Stan and Toni talked in the locker room. Wawrinka felt sorry because he did it in that way, and Toni felt sorry because he never had the intention to bother Stan during the match. They talked for three minutes. Nothing happened.”

… Nadal currently sits at 13 Grand Slam titles—four behind 32-year-old Federer—and looks to be at the top of his game. He has demonstrated the ability to beat tennis’ best players on hard courts, as well as on clay, and he could certainly make a run at Federer’s mark. At any rate, Nadal will tie Pete Sampras with his next Grand Slam championship.

… “He did prank me once in New York… I was sitting at dinner with my girlfriend. During the meal, I was checking my phone and I looked at one of the messages and it was from a number I didn’t recognise and it said something like, ‘Oh my God, Andy, you look so sexy tonight. It’s a shame you’re here with your girlfriend!’

… Rafa is so extraordinary and so humble, it’s almost expected.  But it shouldn’t be – nor should it be taken for granted.  He is one of the most extraordinary athletes in history.  We get to enjoy it.  And say thank you.  Just as he is always thanking his fans and praising his competitors.

… Somos muy conscientes de dónde estamos, mucho. No podíamos imaginar que ganaríamos todo lo que se ha ganado. De hecho, ni siquiera pensábamos en volver a ganar un Grand Slam y al final de año Rafael tiene dos y cinco Masters 1.000. Es mucho.

… My favourite team is Real Madrid and my favourite athlete… it’s tough. In tennis, Nadal. In football, Cristiano Ronaldo. But I also like athletes like LeBron James and Kobe Bryant. My idol when I was a kid was Michael Jordan. I really like Fernando Alonso too.





  1. The very BEST of luck Rafa, against Roger. Just remember: YOU are number ONE, NOT him, YOU are THE BEST, NOT him!!! VAAAMOOOSSS RAAAFAAA !!!!!!!!!!!

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