Rafa Roundup: November 6, 2013


… The 27-year-old Nadal will qualify for the semi-finals, at The O2 in London, should he beat Stanislas Wawrinka in two sets or if he beats Wawrinka and Ferrer overcomes Tomas Berdych.

… For sure he’s a much better player than me. He’s No. 1 in the world. He’s had an incredible year. It doesn’t matter if I play him indoors or outdoors, it’s going to be a tough match for me.

… “I like the sunshine,” Nadal joked in response to the question. “It is a bit different, the feeling of the ball, on your racquet, is different. The sound is different. All of these small things that make you feel a little strange. At the end I didn’t play a lot in indoors in my career, so that’s another point.”

… Roger Federer doesn’t share Rafael Nadal’s opinion that the surface for the ATP World Tour Finals should change every year. In an interview with CNN, Federer said he believes the season-ending tournament should continue to be played on indoor hard courts.

… “At the end it’s a tough position for everybody because I believe in Viktor,” Nadal said. “But at the end there is somebody that has to take the decision. The doctor who accepted to make the control the next day, if it’s that way, [it’s a] big mistake from the doctor too.”

… Así, Nadal se cita el miércoles con el suizo Stanislas Wawrinka, que nunca le ha ganado (0-11). Si el español vence, habrá dado un paso de gigante para llegar a las semifinales del torneo final de temporada y algo más: se habrá asegurado cerrar una temporada como el mejor tenista del planeta tres años después de la última vez que logró ese éxito (2010).


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  1. VAAAMOOOS RAAAAFAAA, only one more little ( 😉 ) step!!! Good luck, campeon, u will do it!!! We are all behind u! we love youuu!!!

  2. Why would federer want the surface of wtf to change? Its best for him. But poor guy still loses. Make the surface clay and he’ll the first one to argue

    • Over the years he comes across to me as a protective primadonna…..not at all a genuine sportsman . He cries when he looses, places guilt trips with his pathetic sad expressions so that his opponents will take mercy on him….. and in terms of conditions, he has far too many selective privileges & favors attached to his tennis career by tennis administrators…. easy draws….easy match scheduling….easy tour choices depending on who is IN and how strong they are etc…etc….etc….you see him signed up for a tour and then magically disappears when the chips get real & the competition is much to high for his level……easy everything……so here w his court preferences t is just another small example of his lacking all round strength. I adore many top players…….he is definitely not one of them, and as a tennis fan, I do not watch his matches….he is too tense….not having fun playing, has negative mannerism and pathetic court attitude and I find his game cold & uneventful lacking in passion and drive. The good news there are plenty of great top players to enjoy and our beloved RAFA IS TOP TOP TOP SPECIAL BRILLIANT CHAMPION !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : ) : ) : )

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