Rafael Nadal Practices In London

Rafael Nadal is in London. Last time when he was there this year in June grass was not his best friend. All we can say: this amazing Rafalicious tennis year almost came to the end and we wish him all the best. 🙂  Here are the few pics from the first practice of him.


Photos: Getty Images


  1. D’abord un tout grand merci pour ces superbes photos !!!Vamos RAFA POUR LONDRES :TU ES LE MEILLEUIR :fais nous vibrer encore longtemps .Bizz d’une fan de tennis

  2. What can I say. It’s been a fantastic year for Rafa, after all those months of not knowing if he would play again. I’m glad he’s back and better than ever.End the year with a bang. Love Ya!

  3. All the best to our champion! I wish you all the positive vibes to finally secure this title 🙂 but if not you are still my number 1, and will look forward to seeing you play after your well earned Christmas holiday.

  4. I hope he will be fine and win London battle!!! This is his dream.. and our too… Vamos Rafa, our champion forever!!!

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