Richard Gasquet: “But it’s Nadal. That’s why he’s the best player, especially on hard.”

Photo via Tennis Magazine
Photo via Tennis Magazine

Q. Rafa comes in with such a great record on hard courts, and he hadn’t lost serve. You changed that. You could take some small victories out of that, too. You played him well.

RICHARD GASQUET: Yeah, I don’t know if it’s a victory to win his serve. I’m not sure about it. I think it’s better to win one set or more. But it’s true, in a Grand Slam it’s even tougher to play against him because it’s three sets to win. But, yeah, I did not a bad match, but it was 3 sets 0, so at the end he was the best on the court. I think in the second if I could do a break and serve for the set. We will never know. But it’s Nadal. That’s why he’s the best player, especially on hard. He play well. I’m happy with the tournament I did.



  1. it’s nice to see how you greet with Gasquet! The eye to eye!
    Mind you certainly good moments Gasquet was also better on hard courts! but it’s over now he had his time of glory with the fans and everything.
    And I appreciate the hatitude by Rafa knows what he managed his success and he takes his time because he still has many years ahead of him to be better on hard courts!
    I love you Rafa!

  2. The best of luck, Rafa! Pity Stan didn’t do his job properly…;-) VAAAMOOOS RAAAAFAAA and bite the trophy tomorrow! U are the GREATEST and u will do it!!! We ALL love u!

  3. Rafa is the best. No#1spot is our airm this year. Wish him the best of luck against novak.

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