Smiles and heat: Rafael Nadal at practice

While folks were busy with fake rumors and chatter about breaking racquets, Rafa was practicing one last time before he went on to victory against Jerzy Janowicz. The captions say it all. Click on the photos and tell us in the comments what you think. Be creative 🙂

(Thanks to our photographer Marianne Bevis for the photos.)


  1. Rafa he is not sweating his competition he is sweating the humid weather in Canada, or is it that if he don’t win he has to face Maria his Love that he is sweating. LOL.

  2. Wow it’s too hot in montreal for Rafa! Either this is a prediction that he will win the tournament or is it just that much love Rafa fled to him that he must necessarily share that love with a woman with all his heart! and then he will be less sweating. I think Rafa is secretly in love!

  3. Wow what lovely photos these are -how photogenic can you get!!! I’m betting on Rafa to win!

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