Rafael Nadal’s R2 post-match interview in Montreal

Rafael Nadal spoke to reporters after his round 2 victory over Jesse Levine. Here are the highlights.

Rafa was quoted as saying that he enjoys the tournament, which was the venue of his first hard court victory, and he’s taking the summer one day at a time.

“I go step by step, day to day, week by week. I’m happy to be here in Montreal, I enjoy being here. I don’t think farther than that. I think about the match of tomorrow, and then we’ll see in Cincinnati, then we’ll see in the U.S. Open.”

“That’s my philosophy today, because [it is] very difficult after what happened to me last year to think that far [ahead]. I won the first match. That’s important for me. To be through and have the chance to play more matches is very positive. We’ll see.”

On his knee, Rafa stated:

“The knee is not bothering much to me. The last couple of days, I was able to practice with no limitation. That is the most important thing. After seven weeks without playing tennis, you start a tournament on hard court and that is tougher for the body. You always feel few things at the beginning. But, hopefully, those things will not limit my chances to play well.”

Rafa also mentioned that he wanted to play at Hamburg for extra practice, but rested instead.


  1. What a lovely interview- such a nice man- he makes the game so exciting- may he continue for many years to come!!!

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