Srdjan Djokovic blasts Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer

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Novak Djokovic’s father Srdjan is back in the headlines after giving an interview to the Serbian daily Kurir in which he blasts Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal.

Srdjan Djokovic says that Novak Djokovic is the only player who behaves in the same way to other players no matter if he wins or loses:

“Rafael Nadal was Novak’s best friend while he was winning. When things changed, they were no longer friends. This is not sport. This is what Novak has in him, and they [Nadal and Federer] don’t have.”

“Federer is perhaps still the best tennis player in history, but as a man he’s the opposite. He attacked Novak at the Davis Cup in Geneva, he realized that he was his successor and was trying to discredit him in every way. Novak’s success is an amazing thing and something that one can not understand.”


When asked by reporters about his reaction to Srdjan Djokovic’s comments on his relationship with Novak, Rafa had this to say:

“If he wants to know how I get along with Nole, he should better ask his son.”

“My relationship with him [Novak] has always been very good and it still is.”

“I’ve lost lots of matches against him and vice-versa, but we’ve never had a problem.”

“People are entitled to their opinions. It’s not my place to respond to anyone, especially without having heard or read these comments.”

Rafa resisted further comments on the subject, choosing not to speak at that level, as always.

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  1. sorry fans Djokovic, but I can not see truth in his actions. I can honestly see the faces of Federer, Rafa and Murray … Yes they are still the same from the beginning of their careers. But Djokovic has a certain cynicism, one theatricality in their attitudes. And from what little I’ve seen about him and his family, really do not like. Your father always speaks mediocrities and his fame is not very good in Serbia.

  2. He thinks Djokovic is Fed´s successor!Hahaha! Poor bastard. His probably frustrated because his son will never be half as loved, respected, and wealthy as Rafa and Roger. I see why Djokovic is such an asshole. It´s the genes

  3. It is easy to buy a tennis racquet and a tennis ball but class is something that cannot be bought , it is inherent and Roger and Rafa have it in abundance perhaps Novak and his father can learn from them.

  4. Nole’s camp has NO CLASS @ all! Nole’s dad did this drumbeating for him. Putting Fedal down. I look @ it this way. Even if Nole is #1, why can’t he clinch a deal with Nike? For his tennis outfits, he uses Uniqlo.. ??? Go figure…..

  5. This comes from a man/parent who has practically forced his son to choose between his parents and his girlfriend. Striving to be a great tennis player is hard enough without your parents playing head games with him about his choice of a girlfriend. They haven’t been able to attend some of Nole’s most important matches because “she” was there????? All he has done now is cause more trouble and conflict for his son.

  6. I agree with what most people are saying. Rafa is my favourite tennis player, and Nole does not even make it into my top three….however, although daddy Djokovic’s comments are well out of order I don’t think this is a true reflection of his son. As a tennis fan, I find Nole likeable and friendly from the little I read about him, his interviews and I follow him on twitter. In fact, he seems the most genuine, interesting of the top 4 players on twitter. The only thing I have against him is that for a while, he dominated Rafa as he rose to world number 1. I have massive respect for him, he improved his game and put in all the hard work. He also has his own charitable foundation, and is doing a lot of good work. Don’t judge him from his idiotic father’s comments. As for his father…ignore him, I don’t know why on earth he is talking like this, he is not doing his son any favours and his son will probably ask him to shut up….

    • Well said Linda!! I’m a massive Rafa Fan and tennis as a whole, Novak is also gracious in defeat which is admirable! Win or lose he always gives Rafa a nice hug after the match…and most of the time initiates it too. Vamos!

  7. Why can’t SOME parents keep their opinions to themselves as a tennis fan this is my opinion of both the father and son arrogant arrogant arrogant get a life daddy oh and the younger son is using his older brother to get him into tournaments because he’s rubbish

  8. Nole’s parents have always been gross, evil-tempered and nasty. So was NOLE, way back when. But Nole has gotten much better, about behaving in a sportsmanly manner. His parents are gross and disguting, jealous and hateful. They need to be quiet and GO AWAY. Rafa and Roger show so much great sportsmanship. ESPECIALLY RAFA.

    • Gross, disgusting, and jealous? Is that why they went over to Andy Murray’s box to congratulate his family after their own son lost the Wimbledon final? Do jealous people really do that? And how can you call ANYBODY you don’t know gross, evil, disgusting? That’s speaks a lot about yourself, and your opinion.

  9. está dirigido por los serbios también .. tal vez todos deberíamos dejar de venir aquí y apoyar a estos serbios! Ustedes son una vergüenza!

  10. Well said Michelle! I am only going to say this: I will treat Djoker’s dad’s comments with the contempt it deserves!!!!!!! Go Rafa!

    • Some parents seem to feel the need to bully the opposing player and the other parent(s). Unfortunately, many also bully their own children as they’re learning the sport. It’s a tragic thing when that happens. Perhaps that’s why Novak is so stiff and unyielding. Seems like his father might have taught him somewhere along the way.

      Thanks for writing, Julie. I agree, Rafa is a class act, and I love to see him win.

  11. What Dad Djoko has to do with all this? Does he has coached his son? or spokesperson son? Manager of his son? The big problem is that Nadal is a great player and the others are just jealous of him and it also involves their families. By that whenever Nadal wins is a loss for them! it should not make them happy!

    Sometimes when you love someone to envy and we just can not have what he has sometimes a kind of jealousy is developed.

    A Nadal I would tell him to keep quiet, reserved and to be very careful. Since they are all against him!

  12. Very good comments by every body! Well said!

    There are times in life when the best thing we can do is :to be quiet,and in this case to enjoy the “going” while the going is good ! I sense that Nole is going to tell Papa to be quiet and relax,
    and leave the playing and the talking to him….and he will be silent again,at least for a while…..
    and for us ,lets celebrate TENNIS our love, including the quality and class of all the current players and how lucky we are to have the privilege to watch tennis at it’s best in every tournaments…..thank you ladies and gentlemen……
    Greetings and Alegria from Western Canada.
    Vamos to Montreal Rafa…..all the way…..
    You are The CHAMP.!!

  13. I am 100% agreed to all of your comments, I think SRDJAN should focus how to send his son to learn and gain good manners and right conduct especially in court when he is loosing, duh!!!

  14. so Novak does not break rackets or on court furniture when things are not going his way

    and don’t forget the nasty video that was put on the web when he beat RAFA in one of the tournaments it took place in a restaurant involving a toy gun !!! that shows what an arrogant fool he is

  15. My comment is the same I have always had when there is a comparison mad of these three players: There is no substitue for class! Rafa , Roger & their families have it spades whether in the tennis world or their own home towns and counties. Novak and his family would not know class if it walked up and smacked them in the face! Best thing this man can do is keep his mouth shut so his ignorance and lack of couth are not showcased to the world.

  16. and when does novak’s dad became an expert on people’s character?… its better to be not on the top than a sore world number 1…

  17. This is such crap gossip. I hope Novak is going to tell dad to stay out of his business. Sounds so stupid that it is laughable.

  18. I wish I could click “like” on each of the comments before mine.

    Novak’s father is no different than so many other fathers who think their prize prodigies deserve extra respect, extra kudos for their exceptional ability. To be sure, Novak Djokovic is an excellent player, but I’m really turned off by his ego and self-aggrandizing attitude. Maybe if he were more human on the court instead of acting like he’s better than everyone else, I wouldn’t feel like this. For me, there is no other player quite like Rafa.

    As for Roger Federer, he too is a man who deserves the recognition and kudos. I respect Rafa, Roger, and Andy Murray who has fought so hard to get Wimbledon this year. Novak Djokovic and his father? Let him stand in line behind the other tennis parents. They’re a dime a dozen. Now they need to learn humility–a quality Arthur Ashe knew so well and obviously passed on to Rafa, Roger and Andy.

  19. According to Novak, his coach told him he had to stop being friends with Rafa and Andy if he wanted to beat them. Just as Ivan told Andy.
    Novak’s parents and team have already demonstrated many times their troglodytic concept of sportsmanship. This is just more of the same.
    In any case, Dad should STFU. ATP tennis is all about man-to-man. I don’t see any daddies on the court, even in doubles. If Novak can’t defend himself on the court, he needs to retire. Or join the WTA, where dads still get a pass.

  20. Don’t see Rogers or Rafas Dads making comments … thats a no no ..& he wonders why Nole is not well liked as #1,,,,Once you display arrogance people don’t forget…thats why.

  21. I am sure that Father Djokovic is a better restaurant owner than a tennis analyst.Its not because his son is number one in the rankings that it grants him the right to become a judge of character. Whatever he says, Rafa and Roger are the two best players that ever played the game and they have contributed immensely in making Tennis so popular. As persons, Rafa and Roger WERE and REMAIN friends with each other and have a proven track record of being great human beings: Just look at the various charitable organizations Rafa and Roger have founded. Instead and with all due respect, all I know about Djoko is that he owns restaurants, night clubs etc… in Belgrade.

  22. it makes me think how Federer’s and Nadal’s parents and family behave towards each other and how much respect the players have to each other. And the fact that Andy Murray recently spoke how he’s not friends with Djokovic anymore shows that it’s probably the Serb has problems with others, not the other way round.

  23. Srdjan Djokovic should stay out of the limelight because he doesn’t know what he’s talking about!!!! Federer is not one of my favourites, but he did not attack Novak to an extent for him to have to talk about it. Srdjan is just picking up for his son!!

  24. Best ignored, not worth bothering with really but I think it shows he is worried that perhaps his son is not going to be able to keep up the level

    • this man, being serbian, raised his own son to be proud of his nationality. given the fact that the serbians were the nazi’s of the nineties, this tells a lot about this individual. a digrace. of course the djokovic family themselves have nothing to do with these black pages in history, but the fact that after everything that has happened, they are proud of their serbian identity is stunning. to be chauvinistic is a very sad thing in general, to be a chauvinistic serb one must be very ignorant.

      • This is very shameful comment… You just used this stupid pronouncement of Novak’s father to give a such ugly comment about Serbs. I am Serb and I can tell you that Serbs have suffered a lot during 90’s and they had extreme big number of victims. Unfortunately, one of the biggest reasons why that happened is the world’s biggest part prejudice about Serbs as eternally negatives. That’s so wrong…
        Relative to Srdjan Djokovic, I would say that his pronouncements should be just ignored, and each truly tennis lover doesn’t need to pay attention on them. He put once more another burden on Nole’s shoulders.
        Salutation for all truly tennis&sports lovers and all good people around the world.
        P.S. >>> I think only newspaper in Serbia where Srdjan has space to tell his nebulosities is “Kurir”. 🙂 🙂 🙂

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