Srdjan Djokovic blasts Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer

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Novak Djokovic’s father Srdjan is back in the headlines after giving an interview to the Serbian daily Kurir in which he blasts Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal.

Srdjan Djokovic says that Novak Djokovic is the only player who behaves in the same way to other players no matter if he wins or loses:

“Rafael Nadal was Novak’s best friend while he was winning. When things changed, they were no longer friends. This is not sport. This is what Novak has in him, and they [Nadal and Federer] don’t have.”

“Federer is perhaps still the best tennis player in history, but as a man he’s the opposite. He attacked Novak at the Davis Cup in Geneva, he realized that he was his successor and was trying to discredit him in every way. Novak’s success is an amazing thing and something that one can not understand.”


When asked by reporters about his reaction to Srdjan Djokovic’s comments on his relationship with Novak, Rafa had this to say:

“If he wants to know how I get along with Nole, he should better ask his son.”

“My relationship with him [Novak] has always been very good and it still is.”

“I’ve lost lots of matches against him and vice-versa, but we’ve never had a problem.”

“People are entitled to their opinions. It’s not my place to respond to anyone, especially without having heard or read these comments.”

Rafa resisted further comments on the subject, choosing not to speak at that level, as always.

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  1. Ron, the comment you made about Serbs of the 90s was completely inappropriate as it has nothing to do about tennis. It also shows the historical ignorance you have, not knowing enough about the history of the civil war that happened in the area, and this could extend into a new debate, again not having anything to do with the sport. So stay on the topic here.
    You are all fans of Rafael, so naturally, you will have a problem with the comment as you are not objective thinkers. Some of Federer’s past comments about Nole’s victories were inappropriate and definitely did not show the attitude of the true sportsmanship, and also obviously left some of us to think that Federer was jealous. Rafael isn’t too far from him either and may hide it through his fake diplomacy, but his facial expressions show enough signs that the comments Nole’s father made make sense.

  2. What prompted Joker’s father to make these comments??? To just speak out like that against RAFA & Roger? He sounds very jealous of the success of these guys and their popularity amongst fans. Both are very gracious in winning or losing. Neither acts like Joker on court when he wins. He appears arrogant…and full of self importance. The ripping of the shirt and pounding on his chest as if he were a cave man. This is a turn off to many tennis fans.

    He will never be a favorite anywhere near the level of RAFA & Roger…he doesn’t have the respect of the fans in the same manner as these 2 players.
    I am guessing Joker’s father is annoyed by this and feels the need to strike out against these 2 players.

    Oh well. Say what you will Mr. Joker…just because you make your statements doesn’t mean they are TRUE!

  3. Does anyone really believe that Djokovic’s game improved just from eating a gluten-free diet?

  4. Wat.possessed Mr DJOKOVIC to speak so disparagingly of two such popularr & sucessful playeers? He will endanger the relationship they have, which see,s cordial as well as exposing them to public ridicule

  5. I can’t believe this! Why would they be jealous of Novak’s succes when they both have at least the double amount of slams, to name just one thing? All of them are very professional and it’s a shame Djokovic sr. can’t see that. Nadal responded in the only right manner. Fed, if asked, will do the same. I’m curious what Novak will say tough.

  6. I don’t know why Djokovic’s father speaks about Rafa.He needs to worry about his soon.SRDJAN,PLEASE BE POLITE AND DON’T SPEAK ABOUT RAFA.


  8. Look, they might not be the best of friends anymore but that doesn’t mean Rafa doesn’t respect Novak, same goes for Novak and Andy’s relationship (used to be close, but now not so much). This is what constant high-level competition does to them, and I think its only natural. I mean its heartbreaking to see either of them lose an epic 5-set match, right? It must be heartbreaking for them as well, so back in the locker rooms they can’t be all besties when you just lost those kind of matches.
    But, look at how gracious both were in defeat and even in winning. When Rafa won 2010 US Open, he hugged Novak while Nole was sitting in his chair. And when Nole won 2012 Aus Open, after that 6hours epic match, we were all heartbroken, but Rafa was still gracious.

  9. I am a huge RAFA fan, but I do think that Novak is trying very hard to be a nice person, its just sad that he has a father such as this one. Its not the first time that Novak has told his father to shut up and I think it may happen again very soon….. I have never seen better manners then the ones that RAFA and Roger have and they as far as I know good friends with Novak, so to Novaks father I can only say, you have done your son more harm then good and it would do you the world of good to go back home and stay there. Thank you !

  10. Rafa would never cheapen himself by stepping down to the level of a Serbian third-rate pizza seller. What a difference in attitude – that of a courteous and humble Spanish gentleman and this whatever-his-species is from Serbia.

  11. Well done Rafa rise above it as always. Always thought Djokovic parents were both pushy and living on sons fame hate it when they are at his matches they are jealous that he’s not the man Rafa is on or off the court

  12. Those comments by Srdjan were completely outrageous. Rafa is one of the most humble guys on your and has no intention of not being nice to anyone. Srdjan is clearly too overprotective over his son and I think Novak will have a lot to say about this.

    • who the FUCK is this srdjan?They(the newspaper) should ask Nole about his “frienship” with Rafa not his dad….

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