Rafael Nadal only Spanish to make it on Forbes Celebrity 100 list

Photo: Nike video
Photo: Nike video

Rafael Nadal has made it to Forbes magazine’s list of top 100 most powerful celebrities in the world.  The list is tabulated based on Forbes’ analysis that measures celebrities based on yearly earnings, press mentions, and Internet/social media presence. This year, a new category, marketability, was added. Oprah Winfrey and Lady Gaga are the top two on the list, ahead of Steven Spielberg, Beyonce Knowles and Madonna.

Rafa is number 51 on that list. His marketability rank comes in at 67, TV/Radio at 63, money at 67,  social rank at 25 and his press rank is 18.

Roger Federer is at number eight. Here are others athletes: Tiger Woods (15), LeBron James (16), David Beckham (19), Kobe Bryant (24), Cristiano Ronaldo (31), Lionel Messi (39), Usain Bolt (48), Drew Brees (50), Phil Mickelson (52), Serena Williams (56), Maria Sharapova (62), Tom Brady (65), Manny Pacquiao (78), Floyd Mayweather (88) and Danica Patrick (91).

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  1. This is mainly USA based so take it or leave it. I do not think that it ,makes any difference to Rafael. He is not into that nonsense. He is not promoted in the USA but the Tommy Hilfigher campaign has brought him to a wider audience .He has much more charisma, presence, good looks than Roger Federer, who is okay but not in the same league. Rafael is most handsome and charming man in tennis

  2. I wish Rafa’s people would promote him more in the U.S. He could sell anything with that smile, but they do not market him well.

  3. I’m stunned Rodge is the highest ranked athlete. Actually, I’m stunned the highest ranked athlete is a tennis player! Where does he earn all his endorsement money, I wonder?

    Rafa edges him in social ranking, though that doesn’t surprise me.

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