Rafa Roundup: June 3, 2013

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“I played much better today than the first three matches, no doubt about that. I started to have feelings with my forehand when I had a chance to hit my forehand. I started to change directions well. I started to feel that I can hit the ball longer and am having more confidence in every stroke.”

The neo-27-year-old is now on a 25-match win streak here at the French – and few would bet against him having more wins than candles by the end of the week.

“This one belongs to the team, not me alone,” he said when a couple of photographers wanted him to pose like a Rafael Nadal would do after a Grand Slam victory. “You want me to bite the shield? No way, it’s too heavy and I am not doing a Rafael Nadal or a Roger Federer. That’s tennis and this one is cricket. We will celebrate our style.”


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