Rafa Roundup: May 25, 2013


“To play Roland Garros is always a special feeling and I feel very emotional every time that I am back here. Last year was important for me to win my seventh title, one more than probably the best player in history on this surface. That meant a lot to me.”

Is Rafa not learning from his mistakes? Yes, he has been absurdly good since his return. Nobody prophesised such a success return, and in a word his reappearance been made us wonder if he made a secret deal with the tennis Gods. But has it all been too much and too soon? Has he pushed his body too far, too quickly? Let’s face it, the amount of trophies he has been chomping down on he could have metal poisoning 😉


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Rafael Nadal's Facebook May 24 2013 III

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Rafael Nadal’s Facebook

Rafael Nadal's Facebook
Rafael Nadal’s Facebook


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