Rafael Nadal Wins GQ’s Most Stylish Player Award for 2013!

Rafael Nadal is known for his style, both on court and off. Now, GQ magazine, in conjunction with the Italian Tennis Federation, has recognized Rafa as the “most stylish” tennis sportsman this year.

Image Courtesy Monique Filippella
Image Courtesy Monique Filippella

The GQ Most Stylish Player award is presented to players that embody the perfect balance of style, elegance, and sportsmanship. This is the second year that GQ has partnered with the Tennis Federation. As per the magazine, tennis was chosen because it represents the ideal mix of  “concentration, precision, physical beauty, power, speed, and intelligence*”.

GQ states that style does not mean clothing alone, but rather, it embodies the passion and energy for the game, and also the humbleness of a true sportsman. “Tennis has always been synonymous with a strong personality, given the balance between special athletic power, physical resilience and pure instinct…”* they state.

Is it any wonder that Rafa Nadal has won this award? One should think not. A wonderful recognition; congratulations Rafa!

Source: Internazionali Tennis Roma 2013: GQ Premia The Most Stylish Player (*translated from Italian)


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