Nadal will not be seeded No. 1 at Roland Garros

According to French outlet L’Equipe, there will be no special treatment in favor of the seven-time champion of Roland Garros. Rafael Nadal will no longer be seeded No.1 and will therefore not be able to avoid a possible encounter with Novak Djokovic in the quarterfinals.

Roland Garros Tournament Director, Gilbert Ysern, has confirmed that Rafael Nadal will not be offered a higher seeding. Dropping down to world No. 5 after months of absence due to a sore knee, the Spaniard will likely be the fourth or fifth seed there.

The owner of the tournament and his team had considered giving the seven-time champion the No. 1 seed as a token of appreciation.

Source: L’Equipe
Source: L’Equipe

“Given what Nadal represents in Paris, the best tennis player in the history of the tournament, it seemed incongruous to us to see him play here as the No. 4 or 5 seed.” However, a decision was finally made not to interfere with the seeding system.

Gilbert Ysern has also added that Rafael Nadal had never asked for an upgrade to his seeding.

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  1. Rafa Nadal deserves to be ranked higher, indeed! He has proven himself even after his absence due to knee injury! Come on!

  2. I think it only fair to seed him #1 due to the fact that HE IS the 7 time Champion and NOT Djokovics, but being the always fair, gentleman that he is..Rafa would never go against what Roland Garros decides. Such a shame that he will not be ranked higher there, but he will come out the matter what. This is why I am such a Rafa fan!

  3. A known 7 time champion, who has proved his worth after a 7 month lay off has again proved in the last 10 weeks that he is the best on clay. He should be seeded as No. 1. I lodge protest at Rafa not being seeded as no. 1

  4. The French have never liked Rafa so I see no reason why they would bump up his seeding. If the draw has a QF with Djoko vs. a final, Roland Garros will be a victim of its own folly.

  5. I am confident that Rafa can prevail against anyone he plays. Seeding him in the top four would have also protected his quarter final opponent. I am not unhappy about this decision as seeding him higher would have given people an excuse to criticize him. Vamos Rafa!

    • I agree!!! When he lift that 8th it will be even sweeter!!! Even if I would like him to be seeded #1 just for what he has done with that tournament!!! It’s their lost!!! But it’s ok!!

  6. I would have loved to see Rafa seeded above 5 at Roland Garros and believe he deserves to be but I realise only too well the problems it would have caused and therefore agree with the decision that has been made. It is impossible to predict the draw – Rafa may well not be in Djokovics half of the draw in which case what is the fuss all about? Rafa knows what he has to do to win the trophy and I am confident he will win his 8th title this year. Vamos Rafa!!!

  7. Since this news has not ruffled Rafa’s perfect feathers, I have no business getting upset about this issue. When Rafa was asked for a comment regarding this in Barcelona, ever the gentleman, he said that he was noone to comment on that, and it was the choice of the tournament. And as far as a Rafole QF goes, Rafa knows what’s at stake. His body may not be 100%, but his mind thrives under pressure. And I refuse to believe that Rafa would have lost MC if it was a five setter. Rafa will do everything in his power and use his inner drive to beat Novak Robotic in Paris. After all that he has put in over the years, after all that he has suffered, I see no other person deserving of the title: king of clay. We can’t predict the outcome of RG just yet,but what we can do is sit back and trust our champion. He has a lot more to lose than us. Let us hashtag #webelieveinyourafa till RG. There is no substitute for positivity in this world #Rafanforlife #vamosRafa

  8. It will be interesting to see a QF between Rafa and Novak. The public, however, would have wanted to see a FINAL against the two players. In any case, Rafa will play his best from Match One. Vamos Rafa.

  9. I think it can help him to get back to be 4-3-2-1 player in ranking, as he will get a chance to beat players above him in earlier stage, so they will not get or even lose some points…

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