‘Rafael Nadal is the sweetest guy in the entire world’

Photo via ATP World Tour
Photo via ATP World Tour

You might not know the name Andrew Krasny, but you know his voice. He’s the guy introducing the players before they come on court, he’s talking to them directly after they win their match, and he’s presenting them their trophy at the end of the tournament.

Andrew Krasny on Rafael Nadal: “With the women, I can break them down with humor a bit easier than I can with guys. I laugh a lot with all of them, but I have more fun with the women. Well, it’s almost equal. Rafa’s extremely affectionate with me, extremely loving, and extremely generous … he’s just the nicest, sweetest guy in the entire world.”

Source: The Changeover (Article: ‘Meet the Media: Andrew Krasny, the Voice of Tennis’)

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