Rafael Nadal is aiming for his 9th consecutive title in Monte Carlo

Our champion Rafael Nadal may not be competing in Miami but he is back on the practice court in Manacor and he’s making sure he is 100% ready for the return to the clay courts!

RAFAEL NADAL: “It was good to be home after seven weeks away but after being home seven months I would have liked to play in Miami without a doubt. The knee has improved. It’s permitted me to compete without limitation although with pain. The primary objective is to have no more pain in the knee. One can compete with pain but after continuous pain the moment comes where your head only accepts so much so we will try to have less pain each time. I am looking forward to one of the nicest parts of the year… My favorite part without a doubt which is playing Monte Carlo, Barcelona, Madrid, Rome, Roland Garros and so I will work to try to arrive as best prepared as possible. It is one of the most important parts of season and will do what is possible to arrive well prepared to have an option for the best results. My priority now is that if the knee is 100%, if that occurs, I suppose the option of positive results increases.” 

P.S. Thank you Sandy [@nycsandygirl] for translating Rafa’s word!

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