WATCH: New Pure Aero Rafa

The April 11 launch of the second generation of the Pure Aero Rafa line features both the Pure Aero Rafa and the Pure Aero Rafa Origin, two frames that push further toward spin and power than the mainline Pure Aero rackets released in the second half of 2022.


  1. Rafa is the only judge on how his injury is feeling to him
    The world and its mother could tell him you are fine now.. go play. Surely we should support Rafa until he sees fit to return to the courts. Back off “fans”…fans support the player..they don’t make demands. Am with you Rafa..always as you know your body. Vamos my Champion..the True Champion 🇪🇦🇪🇦☘☘

  2. Its only six days until the start of the Barcelona tournament. I fear that we may have to accept that Rafa will not be ready.

    Remember that when the foot issue arose against Djokovic at Roland Garris in June 2021 it was not until January 2022 that Rafa was back to full speed. During that period he played only two matches at the Washington D. C. tournament and two exhibition matches in December.

    My bet is that Rafa’s team wants to be sure he has the mobility to play up to his standards. Lets give him the time he needs.

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