Rafael Nadal says he plans to play at ATP Finals in Turin

Speaking in his post-match press conference on Wednesday, Rafael Nadal said his thoughts were with his family at home, admitting his lack of match practice had cost him.

“It’s OK. All the credit to Tommy (Paul). It happens. I had my chances but I played a terrible game. He played aggressive.

“A lot of things going on these latest months, without a doubt. But we are not here to find excuses. It’s the same – you play well you win, you play bad you lose. At the right moment, I didn’t do the right thing. He had the right intensity and concentration.”

Rafa also said he’s still planning to play at the ATP Finals in Turin later this month:

“I’m excited about playing [in Turin], even if it hasn’t been the perfect couple of months for me, of course. But, yeah, nothing to lose. After a good year, going there, just trying my best.

 “It’s true that for the last five months I didn’t spend enough days on the Tour. I don’t even say competing on a tennis court; I say on the Tour, practising with the guys. That’s what I need. I am going to try — if nothing happens, if I am feeling OK — to be in Turn a little bit earlier than usual and have some practices. 

“Just give myself a chance to enjoy another Finals. You never know when is going to be the last, especially at my age. So I’m going to give my best to enjoy this one, and then [the] next years of course I’m going to fight to be back there.”

Sources: Yahoo! Sport, ATP Tour


  1. The draw is out for Turin. Rafa’s group is Ruud, FAA and Fritz. I would say its favorable as he avoids Medvedev and Djokovic. Felix, on the other hand, is playing the best tennis of his life.

    Vamos Rafa!

    • The schedule for days 1 and 2 have also been released. Rafa plays 8th seed Taylor Fritz on sunday (day 1) at 9pm local time. Casper Ruud plays Felix auger in the day match. It is a very winnable match for Rafa. Good luck, Rafa!

    • Wow, the ATP Finals almost granted me 3/3 of my wishes. I asked for 1,3,6,8. I got 1,3,5,8. So, I got 67% or 2/3, but would have loved 100%. Rublev would have been better than FAA in the Green Group. No complaints, as this is very doable for Rafa. Vamos, Rafa! Best of luck, strength, health, and confidence to you in the ATP Finals! You can do it and win the title!

  2. I can’t wait to see Rafa back on court in Turin. Hope he gets off to a great start as positive results would give him a good feeling going into next season.
    Meanwhile, I’ve been watching the Next Gen Finals, even though I said I wouldn’t. There’s a really talented crop of players competing and the matches have been exciting so far. The future of tennis is bright!!

    • The atp tour tennis site provided a video of Rafa in Turin. The atp finals are almost here, and we will get to see Rafa again! 😉

  3. Hello everyone!.
    Rafa has landed in Turin! I have read it in a Spanish website called punto de break. Vamos fans! Vamos Rafa! Rafa, all our positive energy and all the best for this tournament. You can win it! For us, you are always the best! We love you!

  4. Hello Rafa, I’ve been out of circulation due to Wifi problem after typhoon. I saw your game wt Tommy just yestrday. You always do well in tie break, you could have won. Anyway, I will watch you in Turin and pray. God gives you strength, energy, power and wisdom to win. GOD bless all your matches for win and be the Champion. Have a good practice! SHALOM!

    • Rafa has arrived in Turin, so he is serious about his performance in the ATP Finals and “walking the walk”, not just “talking the talk”. I’m sure he is excited to play. Good luck, Rafa! We know you will do well!

      • That is so exciting! We can’t wait to see Rafa play and Win in Turin! (That rhymes!)

      • Same here! How about looking forward to Rafa playin’ and winnin’ in Turin?! 😃

      • Thank you Robby for the update. I have been waiting and has begun praying for God to give Rafa the favor. Be confident Rafa and trust GOD with ALL your heart…All the way to be the CHAMPION! Keep the joy, peace and the love in your heart – your true source of power. SHALOM!

  5. Johnny- not sure when the draw is. A 1,3,6,8 draw is possible. I think it is basically random as between 3-4, and 5-6, and 7-8. I would prefer that Rafa not have to play Nole as his first match.

    • Based on the atp race, the seeds will be: 1 Rafa, 2 tsitsipas, 3 Casper, 4 medvedev, 5 Felix, 6 rublev, 7 djokovic, 8 Fritz. In the first round robin match, 1 plays either 5 or 6 depending on who lands in the draw. So it could be either Felix or rublev for Rafa’s first match. Would prefer rublev for Rafa in first match but think Rafa can defeat either guy. Wishing Rafa has more winners and less unforced errors in all his matches at Turin.

    • The Atp tour tennis site provided an update that the atp finals draw for round robin will be released Thursday at noon. So we will find out how each side of the draw stacks up soon. Fingers crossed that Rafa gets a good draw. 😊

  6. A lot of players are battle weary as they reach the end of the season, so it’s not surprising that Carlos picked up an abdominal injury, given his intense game style. I hope he makes a full recovery, in time for the start of next season.
    Meanwhile, as Rafa says, he has nothing to lose in Turin, so I think that he will enjoy the challenge and not put too much pressure on himself. I’m looking on the positive side and, as always, I wish our champ th best of luck.

    • As long as Rafa is healthy and happy, I really like his chances to win the title in Turin this year! He will play himself into shape and shed the rust do to speak.

      • I can’t wait to see Rafa play in Turin next week. Counting down the days…win or lose, my family and I are super excited to watch him play. Wishing Rafa the best of health, luck, and lots of good wins in Turin!

      • When is the draw for round robin stages of the atp finals in Turin? Looking at the race to Turin, it can be a weird draw. Hopefully it will be the following in one group: 1,3,6,8.

  7. News today confirms what Rafa Fan 23 said about Alcaraz: he is out for the year. He has a muscle tear. He will be replaced at Turin by Taylor Fritz..

    I am not anti- Carlos. When Rafa retires I might follow Carlos and FAA. But this does obviously give our champion another chance at No. 1. Vamos Rafa!

    I am anti- Taylor Fritz because he is bad luck for Rafa. First the rib fracture in California and then the ab problem at Wimbledon.

    • sAlcaraz gave the Nadal his rib injury at the desert, not Fritz. It continued until after the US Open. Fritz is only the camouflage, scapegoated because the injury already happened when he faced Nadal. At Wimbledon, Nadal already taped his adominal before he faced Fritz. Just like Tiafoe when Nadal serve was compromised in the first 3 matches. Nadal is too be blamed here. He was playing too much after AO. You reap what you sow. Nadal almost ended zvrev career.

      • Why did Rafa almost end Zverev’s career? That’s nonsense! Zverev twisted his foot chasing a ball.

      • Malarkey… players do not blame each other for injuries…. You play at your own risk! Zverev’s injury was very serious & the mental part of his injury is more difficult to get over then a fractured rib or abdominal tear. Taylor Fritz does seem to give Rafa’s trouble but Rafa is not blaming him… it’s called wear & tear! Lorna & David ND lost today to Rune does that make Rafa #1 at the end?

    • Fingers crossed that Rafa gets a good round robin draw in Turin and then places first or second in his group. We are excited to see our most prolific grand slam champion play next week!

    • Wow marijnt you just don’t quit. How much of a Rafa fan are you?

      So if Rafa loses all 3 matches, so what?

      Djoker just lost in the Paris final to Rune. Anybody can lose at any time.

      Rafa owes you nothing. He has nothing to prove to you or any of us here.

      If you enjoy living your glass half empty life, then good luck to you.

      Next year I can be critical of Rafa. But after what he did at the AO (remember 0-2, 2-3, 0-40 down in the final? 4% win prediction?) and FO this year, I have nothing to complain about.

      Rafa is doing just fine.

      • Marijnt is the wicked witch who makes bad predictions and makes fun of Rafa. Now banish off you wicked person because Rafa won his last match at the atp finals.

      • Me too, I wish for Rafa to win it the atp finals finally. Getting the year end #1 ranking will be a nice reward on top of the highest prize money ever. Go for it, we know you can do it and surprise us, Rafa! 😊

      • Rafa will triumph in Turin and get the title missing from his vaunted tennis achievements and resume. That will be terrific, and dreams can come true!

    • marijnt, bad mouth, how dare you make such a crass comment? will you be so bold as to make a bet on your words? for example, if Rafa wins one match, then you will disappear and never to ever return to this site again! heehee!!!

    • Marijnt must now disappear after speaking such blasphemy. Go way dumb dumb Marijnt, since you know nothing about a gladiator and champion like Rafa. Rafa won his match against Casper ruud in atp finals playing magnificent tennis. As kids would say: marijnt – you are a bad person and bad luck. Good riddance.

    • Good luck, Rafa in Turin! You’ll be playing there for the first time, and I feel like you will be a force for every to be reckoned with. Go for the title!

      • I agree, Rafa will get a day of rest between matches in the round robin stage. That will help him. Also, I just saw that Carlos Alcaraz has withdrawn from the ATP Finals. Rafa needs to do well at ATP Finals to regain the #1 ranking, which he is more than capable of doing. Vamos, Rafa!

    • The format of the ATP Finals might actually benefit Rafa a lot coming back from a long layoff and injury. He can afford to lose a round robin match and still win the title! Hope Rafa goes far and wins it all!

      • Super excited for Rafa next week in Turin. Hopefully Rafa wins all or most of his matches.

    • With Carlos Alcaraz ending his season prematurely, Rafa will be the #1 seed in ATP FInals in Turin! Good luck, Rafa!

    • I like Rafa’s chances of doing well and maybe winning the title in Turin at ATP Finals even more, now that Alcaraz has withdrawn. Among entrants, only Djokovic has a winning record against Rafa. Wishing great health, lots of winners, and wins for Rafa in Turin!

    • Rafa needs 1000 points to overtake Carlos alcaraz to get the #1 ranking. If Rafa had not been injured this year and won Monte Carlo, Rome, or Canada as he usually does, Rafa would already be #1 again. Wishing Rafa good health in Turin and many wins and hopefully the title!

  8. Looking forward to watching our champ in Turin! In Paris news, again I repeat – Alcaraz had a “charmed” 2022 and that happened to allow him (through odd circumstances i.e. Wimbledon no points etc.) to get a #1 ranking. Him having yet ANOTHER loss today to Rune again proves (as we will see in future) he is NOT anything like our Rafa and my guess his spotlight will be short lived. (Can you tell I’m not a fan?). Rafa, on the other hand is still incredible after all these years – both in tennis skill and personality and humility. All things Alcaraz lacks. I pray Rafa makes an amazing run in Turin!! Show the world why you are still World No 2 and in our eyes – forever THE GOAT! VAMOS RAFA!

    • I agree. There is NO comparison between Rafa and Alcaraz. Rafa is a champion. Alcaraz is simply a great tennis player who got lucky this year in becoming the #1 player and still has a lot to prove. Not sure Alcaraz can stay up there for a very long time.

      • Yeah, only time will tell how great alcaraz can be. But alcaraz is wildly inconsistent. I don’t think he will ever reach the heights of Rafa or Federer or djokovic. Maybe he’ll be like Andy Murray and win several slams and masters 1000 titles. Rafa is the GOAT in my book. 🐐

      • Djokovic (who arguably is one of the best indoor hard court players ever) lost today in Paris Masters finals, so anything can happen in Turin, including Rafa hoisting the title!

  9. Rafa says that he needs more than matches, he needs practice time with the others players on tour. Makes perfect sense. And who doubts Rafa on this?

    Some say he needs to rest. Rest? Who remembers getting rest with a new born at home? It doesn’t happen. He will get better rest on tour

  10. How does he think to prepare for next season and take some rest? Even ATP Finals he has few exhibition matches in South America? Indoor season never favoured him. He simply doesn’t know how to rest.

  11. Honestly, it’s his call but if the abdomen is still an issue (“…if I’m ready”) why play at all? I hope he is fully fit if he plays. There is no point in aggravating a injury or even something minor.

  12. Rafa looked calm, talking philosophically in the interview, smiling and even joking. With no singles matches played since the USO coming into Paris, his expectations were not high and understandably so. Rafa is not a quitter and as he said, he has “nothing to lose” in Turin. If fit enough, I’m sure he will play at the tour finals and give his best to round off the year.

  13. Just keep moving forward for what you want. Life is not easy for anyone right now-uncertainty demands focus and clear thinking. All the best👏👍💪🤛🍀🎾❤️

  14. You are struggling between two loves, your family and your game. Your body knows . The tennis world loves you and you ,it. Tough on everyone, especially you who gives all you’ve got to all you take on. You have given the world joy and pleasure, Thankyou. Thank you. Thank you. Perhaps now it is your family’s turn to enjoy your strengths and love . All is not over….just beginning.

  15. You can do it champ.
    A lot will doubt it, but you have done the impossible 100s of times. Go for it.
    You have more time to get the practice on courts now. Get you fist serve to the level it was at AO, I may be considered too optimistic, but i believe youll win this year.
    Plz just get this one. Just this one.
    WTF misses Rafa on its winners list.
    Just 5 match wins to end a great year.

    Go for it Rafa, you can do it we are rooting for you.

    • I completely agree that Rafa can still win ATP Finals. Of the 8 who made it, Rafa has a winning record against them all, except for Djokovic. Rafa knows his own body best. We can speculate all we want, but Rafa makes his own decisions. It turns out he had a stomach/digestive problem yesterday in the Tommy Paul match, per a translation of his press conference. It was not the ab issue from Wimbledon nor a foot issue. He was simply rusty. Look, Tommy Paul beat three great Spanish players in a row in Paris Masters, including Bautista Agut, Carreno Busta, and Rafa. These are all former top 10 players. So, Tommy is playing at a very high level. Only Rafa took him to 3 sets and had a chance to win it in straight sets, except for some bad luck. I am still optimistic for Rafa’s chances in Turin.

      • Wish the Last won’t come too soon… when the Last day comes I will be very sad ☺️🥲🥲

    • Well said. I like Rafa’s attitude. Just when everything seemed lost in Rome, Rafa surprised us all and won Roland Garros for the 14th time. He could positively surprise us again in the ATP Finals looking at the field he is up against.

      • Just saw that Carlos alcaraz has retired from today’s match due to an an injury. With only 1000 points separating them, Rafa still has a chance at regaining the #1 ranking if he does better than Carlos at the atp finals. Carlos hasn’t done particularly well since winning the us open. If Rafa weren’t dealing with so many issues and injuries, there’s no way that Rafa wouldn’t have regained the number one ranking.

      • As a fan, all I can do is support Rafa. I wish Rafa all the best. No one expected him to win the Australian open (due to long layoff) and the French open (due to recurring foot injury) this year, but he did it against all odds! He could still win the ATP Finals. My hope is that he will.

      • You are a true fan. In good times and not so good times, you support Rafa, Our champion, the greatest grand slam champion in all of history so far!

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